AP Top 25 out; UH gets five votes

As many votes as UCF!!!


Oklahoma #2 is interesting.

That has Cincy and UH as the highest rated AAC teams. That’s right, but UH will shoot up the board as the year wears on.


The defense is legit come on offense don’t let us down. Go Coogs :paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints:


They are expected to do big things this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if they go undefeated before reaching the playoffs.

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Not sure if its earned but I’d rather be overrated than underrated any day!

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Alabama & Ohio State are loaded.

I really hope we do, our schedule this year is a cake walk. I can see us going 12-0 or 6-6. CDH needs to get it together.

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Imagine if this UH team had an upperclassmen Greg Ward or Case Keenum on helm… UH probably would be a preseason top 20 team.

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I’m getting 2018 USF vibes with our team. They were 7-0 and ranked but as soon as they faced a good team (UH) they got steamrolled. Hopefully we are legit this year but this easy schedule might lead to some undeserved top 25 votes for us.

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I’m very surprised we’re getting votes… We definitely haven’t earned them yet… Let’s Go Coogs!


If we beat tech we will be ranked


I think its gonna take a little bit more than that lol


Let’s not get too hype guys. Some on here state that we should just be happy with “progress” which could mean as little as a .500 season…

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Nah, I would rather we win…

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I mean Bc our next 3 games should be blowout wins, and than we will be ranked. But depending on how we beat tech it might just take 1 game and we will be top 25

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I never assume a win… I’d like to assume Ws over the Tulsas and Tulanes of the AAC world… But we just haven’t proven that they are gimmes yet.

How can our schedule be a “cake walk” since so many on this board think we are bad because of CDH… not to mention the mess left by Apple Boy and the self proclaimed genius Herman.

Seems we will be lucky to scratch out a couple of wins :sunglasses: !

Neither have the whorns !!

Well if we can’t assume wins over rice and grambling state we are in a world of trouble

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