I would like to apologize if I ever offended anyone with any of my post. I will try and keep politics off this board. We can all find common ground on being passionate coogfans and just keep it there.
It is getting really bad when the Case Keenum thread gets locked. Hope everyone has a good evening.


It happens to the best of us. :sunglasses: Trust me

Expressing opinions is all we’re doing.


I’ve never been through River Oaks until tonight and I am very jealous!! I could go a political way with this but won’t. Lol i just hope we have some UH donors who live there.

Expressing opinions is really ok, and I’m not offended by anyone’s political views on this board. But the back and forth on the Keenum thread was maddening. No one’s minds were changed from those exchanges.

There are plenty of sounding boards for opinions on politics, viruses, etc. Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit to name a few. but there is only one place to go and talk about Coog sports and Coog greats like Case. Folks need to cut the grandstanding BS and stop shutting down good threads and start talking about Auburn or recruiting… heck I’ll even read about why you don’t like CDH.

Thanks to those apologizing. That’s classy.


Go coogs! It’s hard sometimes not to make posts you feel like you should in certain threads, I can’t fault anyone who sometimes find themselves making political posts becuase I have done so in the past…but go coogs and go Keenum!

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So, would it be possible to just create one thread titled “Politics,” in one of the forums where ALL political talk could go, and posters could let their views be known there? That way those of us who prefer to just discuss UH sports could avoid that thread. Then, if anything remotely political is posted in another thread, that post could be removed.

I really enjoy Coogfans because it’s a great place to see different opinions about UH sports teams. The problem, as I see it, is when posters get personal in their disagreements, and a lot of times this involves political points of view.

Anyway, just a thought.

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They tried something like that on the old coogfans board. It didn’t work out too well, at least not well enough for them to continue it when they created this new board. The bickering between members spilled out to rest of site.


I’ll apologize for what I put in there but you won’t find any ad hominem attacks from me.

Everyone has an opinion and a walk that none of the rest of us can know…

Respect other folks!

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We don’t talk about fight club.


Be like the scene in The Butler-“there is no discussion of politics in this house.”

As I see it, an opinion repeated, and repeated, and repeated, and repeated and repeated ad nauseam gets old . . . . .


Its a fan board. No one is changing political policy based on someone posting on Coogfans. I don’t care if someone post that Biden’s mother wears army boots and its probably the only piece of military equipment/wear that we successfully got out of Afghanistan. Nor do I care if someone posts that Trump’s comb over starts at his shoulder blades and he should just get a hair piece with some brains and ethics weaved into it.

I would suggest that America get a sense of humor again.


Prior to social media hardly anyone knew what anyone else thought. Now we make our opinions public and are anonymously attacked, attack others and create sides to opinions with zero repercussions.

I would be surprised if we would do the same if were all in the same big room somewhere all wearing Cougar gear.


We live in a very polarized society. I use sports to escape politics. I miss the days when we had friends despite their politics not because of them. So we disagree, let’s have coffee.


Thanks once again to social media. The major msm outlets have pointed out our differences and made those differences major issues. That is the polarization we are experiencing.

While we may have always had differences of opinion about things, the social media vehicles easily make getting our opinions out to one another so we can disagree and form “sides”. Anything that might bring us closer together is seldom reported by a news source.

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The major problem is when someone’s “opinion” is contrary to facts it isn’t opinion, it’s denial. There is one side that will take in news from many different sources, from around the world, and there is one side that seeks out news sources that agree with their side.
When you are not merely participating in confirmation bias (we all do to some degree), but ONLY accept things that fit what one wants you end up literally insane. When one cannot see reality for what it actually is, one is insane.

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I find your analysis quite divisional and polarizing. :wink:


If you ever want to go to an echo chamber or argue with a wall depending on which side of the political aisle you mostly agree with, just go to The Satellite threads and then come back to talk sports in the Football and Basketball threads!


The difference between fact and opinion is what we choose to believe and the facts we choose to support our beliefs.The reality is politics would be interjected in a sports blog as we all see reality differently

Ok so I guess that’s a no. :grinning:

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