Are We Recruiting at a Higher Level Since Joining the P4

Spin off from another thread…

Let’s take a look at the last 15 years of recruiting rankings according to rivals…

One thing is certain… Dana sucked as a recruiter…

2025 - 54
2024 - 72
2023 - 52
2022 - 77
2021 - 95
2020 - 79
2019 - 94
2018 - 64
2017 - 76
2016 - 41
2015 - 89
2014 - 77
2013 - 50
2012 - 60
2011 - 73
2010 - 45

So… averages… obviously with way more G5 samples…

2023-25 = 59.33
2010-22 = 70

Now remove the Dana years (2019-2023)

24-25 = 63
2010-2018 = 63.8


That’s pretty objective in my opinion… hopefully, CWF can keep trending down…


2019 & 2021…ouch

Were we sleeping under our desk?


How else do you recover from hangovers in the middle of the week?


2025 recruiting isn’t finished yet, but it looks like it’s off to a promising start.

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Not sure it’s fair to include Fritz’s frantic transition year class in there. He had days before the early signing period to pull something together.


I can only use the data available to me… so far our G5 and P5 recruiting averages, not including Dana, are the same.

You can use the data and exclude that year. This is the year to watch. Last year’s class was cobbled together on the fly. Dana left 8 recruits to build a class from in days.

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In 2021, we finished # 95 in the recruiting rankings.

There were 69 Power 5 schools so #95,meant Dana couldn’t even bother to get us in the top 50% of all of the G5 schools!

Imagine that in his initial interview…i will do my best but creating a recruiting class that will finish in THE TOP HALF OF G5 SCHOOLS but it will be very tough.

We fired him way too late !


The 2022 class after going 12-2 and joining the Big 12 is more troublesome to me.


Yep… Dana was obviously terrible.


I believe it was noted somewhere that there were parents and high school staffs that wanted no part of sending a young man to play for Holgy. His rep was as troublesome.


Interesting analysis, thanks for posting.

If you look at the 247 rankings for 2022 we are at 55 in recruits and 53 overall.

Why the big variance between rivals and 247 ?

It’s like holding Sampsons first recruiting class against him. Did the best with what he could given how little time he had to assemble the class.


Probably transfers.

Portal has changed the rankings big time. Fritz seems to be on a good track for 2025. Anyone who expected a bunch of 4 or 5 stars is crazy.
High 3’s can win lots of games if those players are coached up.


Random thoughts after looking this over:

I think it makes more sense to use either the 247 or on3 composite rankings, but thanks for making the effort to get this info and lay it out so clearly.

I don’t think you can get an accurate look at how a staff is recruiting when you judge transition classes. 2024, 2019, 2017, 2015, and I believe 2012 were transition classes. It’s no surprise that those were some of the lowest rated classes in this time span aside from 2017 and 2012.

Those classes were rated higher than the other transition classes because Levine and Major were internal hires following successful seasons in which the program generated a lot of buzz.

So taking those out I have:

Dana with 75.75 from 2020-2023
Major with 64 in 2018
Herman with 41 in 2016
Levine with 63.5 in 2013-2014
Sumlin with 59 in his last 2 classes.

So it’s early, but so far Willie is doing better than everyone but Herman. We’ll see how he closes and how the classes look going forward as the improvements in the program become more evident.

I think we’re at the floor and it’s all up from here. I think this season will be the worst team that CWF puts out there during his time here. And through all of this let’s remember that CWF’s specialty is coaching guys up and getting them to outperform their recruiting rankings. Should be a fun process for us to watch unfold.


You got me fired up!

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