A's are moving to Vegas

I’m kind of surprised Oakland ended up letting them walk.

Of course the “A’s” (Athletics) have the iconic vintage baseball name, but just for fun … … …

the “Vegas Strip”

double entendre


Nice! Stros series in Vegas!!!


LONG overdue.


Las Vegas A’s = Las Vegas Aces


I hate seeing any franchise move but Oakland sucks. With that said I’d hate to know the Athletics was not a team name anymore.

Oaksterdam isn’t your cup of… I mean bowl of choice?


City officials were working behind the scenes to get a new ballpark deal done, but it fell apart when they realized the A’s were going to want to play in it. :smile:


How many times can one city lose a franchise?


New definition to Moneyball

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Just got back from Vegas some dealers were telling me the MLB stadium would be where the Rio sits.

Casino dealers that is

PS: Another interesting thing I learned was our own Uncle Tilman is building a new strip casino/resort across from the Aria. Supposed to be “high end”

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I feel really bad for the 1500 fans who cared.


Vegas is such a trashy city……l love it!



About time they tear that POS down. And great spot if you ask me. Glad I can throw in an Astros game or two during my annual Vegas golf trip.


The San Francisco - Oakland - Berkley MSA has 4.6 million people. The Houston MSA has 7.2 million people. There is no way the Bay area can support two teams. It is the left over thought process of the 1960’s when everyone was moving to California. Even if you throw in Sacramento’s MSA into the mix, it is still less than Houston and Dallas.

Could you imagine Houston having 2 baseball teams?

I have some good memories playing blackjack there years ago but yeah it has been totally neglected. I remember stopping in there to watch World Series of Poker

Since 2019, Oakland has gone from 3 professional teams to 0. I get that there’s a lot of overlap with the San Francisco fanbase, but that sucks. They’re gonna be the first team to have the distinction to lose their teams in all four of the major sports leagues.

Vegas has gone from 0 teams in 2017 to 3 now, which is another wild shift – although that’s sort of a side effect of pro sports getting real cozy with gambling real fast in the wake of DraftKings and FanDuel making money hand over fist.

CSA is a much better tool than MSA when looking at markets.

The overall Bay Area has about 10 million folks living there and it’s better connected with transit options.

The issue is the A’s and Giants are just six stations away from each other on BART/Muni. But the Giants play in my favorite MLB stadium right on the waterfront in a vibrant neighborhood whereas the A’s play in a relic surrounded by parking lots near an industrial area.


Chicago is a little larger than Houston. Ever heard of the White Sox and the Cubs?

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Maybe the Astros bought the Skeeters not only to have their AAA team nesrby, but to thwart anyone from getting too clever as well.