Gilbert hit his first AA HR and is now hitting .317 with an .880 OPS.

I told you Melton would come around. Do you if Gilbert has played any infield in his college career?

Gilbert is straight OF….used to pitch but he was too good of a hitter.

So in this past draft the Astros selected 7 pitchers in the top nine rounds( Gilbert, Melton and Price were the only non-pitchers).

I’m not gonna get caught up in all the advanced metrics and confuse people ( I know some of you understand spin rate, whiff rate, opponent exit velo and FIP, etc.) so I’ll keep it simple.

I don’t get to concerned with a guys ERA , especially in the lower minors where guys are trying to develop that 3rd and 4th pitch.
For a quick look I look a SO/9 , BB/9 , WHIP and hits per 9….this tells me if the guy has the stuff that misses bats.

2nd round—Andrew Taylor- Low “A”

IP 28 H 28 BB 11 K 38 , 12.5 per 9.
Walking a few more than college but strikeout rate looks good and history says control gets better…still just 21.

3rd round—Michael Knorr- started low “A” and promoted to high “A” already

IP 29 H 24 BB 14 K 44 , 15.4 per 9 :flushed:
Walks are a bit high but look at the K rate, and it has gone up since his promotion to high “A”.

4th round—Trey Dombroski- Low “A”

IP 30.2 H 28 BB 13 K 45 , 13.2 per 9
Notice a pattern with walks being a smidge high but another guy that misses bats. He is also a LHP which we don’t have many of in the system.

5th round—Nolan DeVos - Low “A”

IP 29.1 H 15 BB 16 K 47 , 14.4 per 9 :astonished:
This kid has a big arm and you can see he over powers batters…If his secondary stuff improves he is going to be a stud.

7th round—AJ Blubaugh - High “A”

IP 27 H 32 BB 13 K 33 , 11 per 9
He pitched 13 innings last year after the draft in low “A” and did well so he started this year at high “A”. He had a couple of bad starts to begin the year but has been really good lately.

8th round—Tyler Guilfoil - Low “A”

IP 23 H 15 BB 10 K 31, 13.8 per nine
I really like Tyler and posted about him earlier. He was a closer at Kentucky last year and was dominant.
In low “A” they need guys throwing innings so he has started a few games and piggybacked a few. So he is throwing 4-5 innings per game rather than one. He is still missing bats and his been impressive despite having to pace himself a bit rather than serving up the plus velo for one inning…Still think he is a future set up man or closer.

9th round—Brett Gillis - Low “A”

Has only thrown a couple of innings. Not sure if he is injured.

15th round—Joey Mancini - High “A”

IP 28.2 H 21 BB 6 K 38 , 12 per nine

Not a top ten pick but has been impressive…Putting up nice numbers at High “ A” . Very good walk rate and K rate…

All of these pitchers have had success so far…Not one guy has been a clunker. Will they all pitch for the Astros? Of course not, but their ability to miss bats the way they are is a great sign these guys will continue to advance….something else to note, most of these guys pitched in “ the Cape” and pitched well there.

Going to be fun to follow these guys….I’ll update when they are all around 50 IP.

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Melton K rate is concerning but the high bb% sorta mutes some of those fears. An interesting note on Melton from his FG page, he is hitting the ball up the middle and the other way much more often this year than in his 2022 season. Its hurting his BABiP some so far but I imagine the more patient approach and willingness to go oppo is helping his ability to see the ball get deep into the box and take more walks.

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Dombroski pitched so-so tonight for Fayetteville.

IP-5 H-0 R-0 BB- 0 K-8

Not too shabby.

Dezenzo who is a SS but has been playing 3b for Asheville could be legit.

He hit his 4th HR tonight and drove in his 22nd run.
He is now around 120 AB’s and hitting .411 with an OPS of 1.116.

Obviously there is regression coming but the numbers are eye popping…He is the 12th round pick from last years draft out of Ohio St.( I posted about him last week)

At 6’4 220lb he has MLB size…Looking like the hit tool is real and he is doing this at High “A” ball.

I’m at the Space Cowboys game. Whitley started and was shaky in the first inning. Left in the 3rd with some type of injury.


My son played on the same select team with them when they were young.

I hate to say it but SSDD.

What was his velo?


Then he’s hurt again….two weeks ago he was touching 100.

I’m done with him. I tried to stay optimistic. No more.

The game went into extra innings. David Hensley hit a sac fly to win the game.

Watch out for Dezenzo….looking like the real deal and has moved up two levels by scouts already this year.

So here is something interesting……SS/3b Dezenzo was promoted AGAIN from Asheville, where he was hitting over .400 this season, to Corpus Christi Hooks….to play FIRST BASE. :thinking:

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Gilbert hasnt played in a few days, injury?

I didn’t see anything but could be something minor….not on the IL.

Pretty sure the Astros are bubble wrapping this kid…so any little thing is cautionary.

Arrighetti who is one of the Astros top pitching prospects struggled at the beginning of the season.
I think most of it was control related….but his stuff is what I would call “electric “ and I don’t say that much.

He has really started to pitch well the last month…two nights ago he an exclamation mark to his month.

He pitched 5 innings gave up two hits and STRUCKOUT 12 batters….only three outs he recorded were not K’s!?

His stats for the month.

IP- 27

H- 12

R- 2

BB- 8

K- 37

ERA- o.67

This is the type of month that makes you believe he could be a # 1 or 2 starter down the road.

He is at the point now where he can help the big club right now.

Whitley is out for 3-4 months.

Maybe next year…again. :no_mouth:

Hate that I called it….but I called it.

Maybe I did in DM? Pretty sure I called it :thinking: