Attendance estimate for home opener

Any brave souls want to guess what our official attendance will be on Saturday?

I’ll go with 31,500.

Hoping for 35k

Guessing 31k

32,798 in which 4K will be from PVAM. After halftime though, 12,455 in which the 4K PVAM will be hoping for a miracle that they can score 56 more points to tie up the game.

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“I’m sorry, what was the last bid?”

Bob Barker: “31,501”

“I’d like to bid 31,500 please.”

terrible. Always hated that in Price is Right. lol

You would want to go 31,502.


27K and change. Lots of ‘coogs’ will watch Texas and LSU on the tv.


I’ll go with 27,500 ish

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I’m going with 2 for sure. Me and my son will be there. I’m guessing 33,814.

Go Coogs. Peace.

I am sorry but who?

Mostly full

25K? but maybe 50K for the WA State game…

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30K may be a good guess for official number since they include all tickets sold. However, whether every ticket sold has a body in the seat is another question altogether. I have 4 season tickets, but so far, only I will be there. My bride says it is way too hot.

I believe 20-25K will be a more accurate number unless the students really show big time.


I’m going with 4. My two and UHGRAD94’s two.

I wish I could be there, but I’ll be adding to the home viewer numbers

1 dollar…(if we are doing it Price is Right way)

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I hope to see the team walk and do the alumni tailgate. I’m bringing 6 folks. 2 more than usual! Heat’s going to be an easy excuse for some not to come.

Probably 30-35K announced but only 20-25K in the seats. I’ll be there with 8 people

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4 guaranteed but possible extras from work and family.
My guess 28k. Hot but no sun!!!

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Like others have posted already, there will be a discrepancy between “announced” attendance and the actual attendance. Announced attendance will be 30k. Actual attendance 25k.

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