Bad times at College Station

I am not one for schadenfreude…what am I saying, when it comes to certain schools in this state, I am very much relishing the suffering of others. I am sure they have enjoyed when we’ve suffered the ole poaching bug. UH Track and Field ranked above them, UH baseball beating them, now their beloved AD is poached by LSU. CS in on fire right now and they’re freaking out that Jimbo will follow the AD to Baton Rouge.

Doesn’t happen as often but poaching happens to just about every school.


If only! That would be great.

That troll that accused us of being delusional will have a field day if he strolls on over to TexAgs. It is Defcon 1 over there. People loosing their minds. 'Why would anyone live in Baton Rouge?" “Why would anyone go to LSU?”. Never mind that LSU has been way more accomplished as an athletic department that A&M has in terms of success and championships.


A&M is an interesting place. Lots of money, lots of egos. No matter what conference they are in they are pretty good (SWC, Big 12, SEC) but they don’t quite get out from underneath the shadow of the heavy weights. Wether its Texas and Arkansas in the SWC or Texas and OU in the Big 12 or Bama and LSU in the SEC, they always seem like the collie in a pack of german shepherds.

We on the other hand have always been a mean mongrel that has rabies that can bite the crap out of you that the pedigrees feel the need to put down. We are now growing to a point that the mongrel breed is being considered a recognized breed for the dog show.


I get the feeling you didn’t intend the pun but if you did, nicely done!

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And that ego is Chancellor John Sharp.

I’m Kevin Sumlin and I approve this poaching.

Hey, Ags. What goes around comes around. And it just came to College Station.


The funny thing is they’re now simultaneously questioning the ridiculous contract they had to give Jimbo to convince him to come to College Station while also wondering if Jimbo might eventually follow Woodward to Baton Rouge (and Jimbo wouldn’t have to pay a buyout if he leaves A&M. LOL).


You steal a coach and you give him a huge deal with no buyout. Do they owe him anything if they say get out of here tomorrow ?

Could not agree more; schadenfreude to the max! Couldn’t happen to a more deserving bunch.

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Man, I am glad you posted this. I just saw some of the best Ag quotes ever! One guy signs with a quote attributed to Shelby Metcalf, " The only happy Aggie is an unhappy Aggie". The please fire John Sharp thread is crazy funny. Some of them are nuts and some of them have a good sense of humor.

The solution to keeping JimmyBo in College Station is to bring ole Yuracheckermate down to CS…he’s like Mikey…he’ll try anything…

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Texags is pretty funny. They have some good folks and their fair share of knuckleheads.

I must admit that I’m a little taken back by the drama of Woodward leaving for LSU. Some over there are concerned Jimbo may end up following him. Note Jimbo evidently has NO buyout clause so if he bolted, the Aggies would have a lot of egg on there collective faces.

It’s safe to say some of them have come back to earth and there was nothing to break the fall.

I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised UH baseball beat them Tuesday. Based on this year’s body of work, I did not see that coming.

PS - sorry I didn’t read the details of the prior posts.

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Most likely will not happen but how funny would it be if Woodward took Jimbo and Buzz with him for LSU’s football and basketball coaches. That would be Armageddon in College Station.


That would be an epic meltdown of BIBLICAL proportions…would sure be fun to watch…karma


Actually, Baton Rouge is a nice place to live with a lot to do and close to New Orleans and the best food in Louisiana in Lafayette. College Station, well go there and see for yourself…


Agree on BR but having been in CS for dinner with relatives who live in a surrounding town last year, that place has come a long way.

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Jimbo Fisher is going to have a pretty big say in who they hire to replace Woodward.

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UT is a more deserving bunch, IMHO. I wish the whorns nothing but bad times.


A few ags are rational and the reason they’re freaking out is that Woodward brought two good coaches to a mediocre athletic program. They felt things were finally being taken care of in the athletic department, but they accuse Sharp of running Woodward out of CS. They also accuse Sharp of lowering their academics.
Someone posted that they’ve had one over-10 win football season in the last 20yrs…technically true, their last one before '12 was '98. Crazy