Baylor Animosity

Now that we had a good night sleep. I think it is fair to begin a discussion on our abject hatred of that University.

The middle of the night sneak thievery. The skulduggery.
The snakes in the grass.

The current squad and young folks know not of what I speak. The old folks will never forget.

Let’s keep the side issue of who pulled the trigger or not out of it. If we get into that issue this thread will not last.

For this purpose of this thread the hate goes to Baylor and Baylor alone.


The only school in Texas, or America, that I hate is UT. None of the kids or staff on BU now had anything to do with the transgressions of years ago. Let’s face it, we don’t hate Germany and Japan for their WWII war crimes anymore, that’s all behind us now.


Nothing to do with the people. Only the organization.


WTF. Baylor’s literally covered up and even enabled the Rape of numerous women. Lives were ruined. And you hate UT???


We don’t hate the kids there, but as an institution, you can’t get more rotten than Baylor. They had a plyer murder another player and tried to cover it up and then they covered up rapes and even had the Waco police in on it. Baylor didn’t go to the dark side they ARE the darkside.


It’s hard to ‘hate’ Baylor like that for me. My GGF was once president of Baylor.

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“just remember honey, you went to cougar high I went to baaaaylor”

on the broadcast. while down 11-0


HATE TU with a passion, no one else even comes close in my book.

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I don’t hate Baylor. They generally don’t show up on my give a crap meter. I want to beat them like a rented mule so the Big 12 can stop ignoring us.

I remember when Baylor was upset when we served beer at the astrodome.

If we beat Baylor and Tech in the same season and beat Okie State last year, you could make a very good case we are better than Big 12 basketball. Sure Kansas we will play you. Anytime and Anyplace.

Texas I see you hiding in the bushes you cowardly SOBs.


One question: Is there any ‘high’ better than a Cougar ‘high’?


Hate Baylor because they took our rightful spot in the big 12.


That cost us hundreds of millions of dollars. Maybe more.


I have degrees of hate for our former SWC brethren.

There is Texas, nuff said.
A&M, not as obnoxious, and did recommend us for Big 12-2 when they left. was also going to go with us to the SEC before the legislature got involved.
SMU - racist bigots “let’s beat the Cougroes” Dirty program, pick a sport.
Baylor, see SMU add criminality (rape, sexual assault and murder.) Maybe not so much on race baiting. Good Christians on Sunday. The other six days of the week?
Rice, TCU, TT -Will play us and have no real animosity


I love this thread and the initial post. Every game against a Texas school has something extra on it IMO.


The thread I have been waiting for! Murder & Rape University should be removed from this earth. Don’t let them off the hook for their past issues because the same culture is still there. Something will happen again, its almost a guarantee. They had a clip of Bliss in their game intro video last season (might still be in there), they have no shame about anything bad that has ever happened on campus and that is the problem. Covering up murders and rapes is just another day for that school.


tcu will not play us

Ridiculous thread. I thank God Baylor has one of the best medical schools in the world and some off its grad doctors
have helped me stay alive long enough to see this day.
Plus those who live in glass houses, and most of us do, should be careful throwing stones


Medical school is not associated with Baylor U


Baylor Med is a stand alone school with no ties to Baylor University


I have no animosity towards Baylor whatsoever …

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