Baylor magnanimously gives itself a bowl ban (Update: No they haven't)

In a year where they are highly unlikely to make it to a bowl, they have generously banned themselves from playing in a bowl, to show the Big 12 and NCAA just how serious they are about punishing themselves for all the rapes condoned by their administration.


Not acceptable…Death penalty for 5 years plus pay every victim for the trauma they suffered would be a start to forgiveness…

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The NCAA doesn’t have to wait until it’s proven in a court of law before they hand out punishment. But they would look pretty stupid punishing a school for something that later a jury rules never happened. So the NCAA is just being cautious at this point, I think.

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I think the NCAA isn’t going to do anything considering all their sanctions on Penn State were later overturned.

This isn’t true; the NCAA has recommended that Baylor self-impose a bowl ban. However, Baylor being Baylor has refuted that they’re even considering it. Can’t give Baylor that much credit.

“It is irresponsible to report that Baylor is considering a football bowl ban for the 2018 season when in fact the NCAA investigation into the prior football staff and previous athletics administration remains active and ongoing,” the school said in a statement. “Additionally, it is premature to speculate as to what the University’s sanctions will be at this point in time.”

Fools. They should rip the bandaid off and do this, this year. They probably won’t be bowl eligible anyway. Abilene Christian might be their only win…and that’s with UTSA and Duke being their other non-conf games. Best case for them is 4-8 IMHO but I don’t even see that really.

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They could just wait until after the season is over and they aren’t eligible anyways to say they had a bowl ban this year.

You have your own people turning on you BUT you’re not going to put a bowl ban because thats premature? lol I feel bad for Matt Rhule he should’ve stayed at Temple.



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I think they will decide after 9 or 10 games if they will self impose a ban or not

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I too have messed up and I would like to annonce that I am self impossing a 2 year dating Scarlet Johansen ban.

Let the punishment fit the crime.


Then they will declare it a 2 year ban, counting last year as year 1 :sunglasses:

Does Ruhle know defense? He might be willing to jump ship to a respectable program.

Another piece on the same topic:

Things about to get ugly in Waco. Expect them to try the North Carolina defense, bribes, or any number of underhanded tricks to get out from any penalties. That’s the Baylor way.

I’m hoping the NCAA comes down hard on them.


If nothing happened to NC nothing will happen to Baylor. The NCAA governs the play and recruitment of players. After the PSU case the NCAA was exposed to not have any real teeth when it comes to criminal charges that happen off the field.


Think of how bad things in Mizzou must have been for Rhodes to leave there for the Baylor dumpster fire.

Had an interesting conversation with a former Baylor player and major donor to the Baylor program yesterday. You could see the problems started when Art was hired and the demands he asked for and received. All of them revolved around not supervising players off the field. I was told they hired 14 people into the Baylor AD to handle supervision and reported to the AD not Art. Crazy!


Unbelievable to read that Chris. Art did not run the program here like that? I have always worried that some of Arts practices at Baylor went on here, but it seems since nothing has come of it at UH it is strictly a Baylor issue.

Maggard ran a tighter ship here…which is one of the reasons that Art wanted to leave. Remember, he wasn’t happy with Maggard forcing him to make staff changes among other things. Guessing Baylor offered him free reign as part of the deal to go there; they were desperate.

As far as the sanctions, I don’t think the NCAA will come down on Baylor for any of the rape charges. This will all be about recruiting violations and such. There were reports that came out when all this was going on about those kind of violations being discovered during the investigations and was thrown into a report as to why Briles was fired.