Baylor went crying to Greg Abbott for help!

So there is report that the president of Baylor and its AD (Mack Rhoades) went to Austin to speak with Greg Abbott about helping Baylor to remain in a Power5. ESPN also responded to Big12 commissioner by sending him a letter that disputed his assertion that ESPN is behind the plot to break up the Big 12. This video lays it all out:

TCU and Tech also had sit downs with the gov.

There is some commentary here about Baylor filing their Wrangler Jorts with the governor. (click the red text)

I wonder if Greg Abbott thought:
“This yokel AD Mack Rhoades reminds me of Mr Mackey from South Park.”

Jeff Leach (Baylor - State Rep), Lois Kolkhorst (TCU - State Senator), and Dustin Burrows (TTU - State Rep) all introduced some half ass measure/legislation that would require legislative approval for any state school seeking to change conferences. (Most of y’all saw this).

Ann Richards isn’t here to save them this time.

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What did you expect?

BY THE WAY where are the pro UH politicians helping, showcasing and protecting us?


When is UH having a sit down with the Governor to whine and cry about the last 30 years of abyss we have been in!!!


It doesn’t pertain to us. No need to get into other people’s business. We just need to keep grinding and take care of what is in front of us. Karma is a itch that is all I will say.


You missed the point. All of this pertains to us because it
leads to the utau pimp directing all or most politicians on what is best for them and everybody else. Who benefits the most from all of the SWC and small12 imploding?
If there was a time for all Texas schools except atm to unite against the utau pimp this is now.

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The troubling part of this is Baylor thinks they will be kicked out of P5. So I can only imagine what that means for us.

What an extremely short sighted view. What? Do you want do you have each and every other Texas school to complain? Worst case scenario is that beauty is forced to stay in the big 12 and that doesn’t help us at all. If anything it probably hurts us.

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Add to the fact, let’s say the legislation passed, it won’t. How would you like a PAC-12 invite and have the state legislature say “no, you can’t go to the PAC-12.”


The utau pimp has been able to do his business destroying conferences and schools alike for decades. Remember it still has that uthouston land.
Hurt us? WE ARE ALREADY HURTING. We have been hurting since the SWC imploded due to the utau pimp (read Coog51 posting on the SWC death)
Why on earth is the utau pimp able to do whatever he wants? You just want to lay down and ask “go ahead keep beating me up”
After all of this do you still believe the cfp will expand? I surely do not especially with four P’s and reinforced at that.

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I didn’t miss the point. I just have a different opinion. Is that ok? Can not rely on other schools to unite us yada yada. Ask Tech, TCU, and BU how that worked out for them. Or how did the Edin SWC work out for us. You really think those 3 mentioned won’t have there nose up in the air thinking they are better than us? Can’t trust them buddy.

My apologies I did not imply that you could not have an opinion. There is a common denominator here and it has been the same for decades. It just happens that now these small12 left overs can experience what we have been experiencing. This is why we should put as much pressure on the Austin capitol politicians to do what is best for the entire state of Texas.
I mean what kind of a mafia the utau pimp is running here.? This would have never happened in another state in America.

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Apparently USC is the UT of the Pac12 and in Cali. Then again Cali and Texas are populated to where we have many schools. The Alpha eventually takes over. We can take the higher road now that the other schools somewhat know how it feels. But I truly feel that all schools are just out for themselves.

What the hell does Baylor, a private institution, think the State of Texas can or will do for them?

Barking up the wrong tree there Bears. Best get on with your life and make the best of what you can.

Also, the question ‘does Bowlsby actually have something’ is kinda funny IMHO. Dude didn’t even know these discussions were happening for months and months…now he has ‘evidence’…Bwahahahaha…dude has a broken straight and everyone at the table knows it.

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What are you writing about? How is USC comparable to the utau pimp. By the way we do agree that utau is the equivalent of a pimp right? I am curious to know if you feel the same way.
USC is a private school
utau is a public school with funding provided by you and I
Is USC solely responsible for blowing two Power Conferences?

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There’s a reason the SEC and the B1G are apex conferences…membership balance. They can absorb big brands and keep them in check because they already have big enough brands to not be pushed around by say a Texas or USC. All the other conferences are subject to the whims of their biggest cash cow brands.


I really don’t want to be in the same conference with Baylor. It’s bad enough we’re in the same state.


Haha your funny. Well on CFB news on Espn it’s has been mentioned on multiple occasions. They talk about it when they speak about B10 taking from the PAC it pretty much goes through USC. That is their “pimp” as you say. pac does what USC says. They have deep pockets. ****loads of Hollywood actors send their kids their, politicians, etc. Com’on “pimp”. Thought you were on top of this. Smh