BCS rankings (simulated) vs Committee



The BCS ranking was the best thing to ever happen to college football. Dumb people threw out the baby with the bath water and got us a committee for the playoff.


How about you win your damn conference …you get a ticket to a playoff.

No subjective BS…win your conference.

Many are getting sick of this obvious manipulation of a BS ranking system .

Just look at it!


Id be all for expanding the playoffs and reinstituting the computer rankings


This is all about TV audience ratings and making sure that only teams with ~100K fans in their stands and millions more watching from afar will appear in the current 4 team playoffs. Don’t know why some folks don’t seem to get that.


It wasn’t perfect.

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Several of those would be solved just by having the current 4 team playoff. Even more would be solved with either an 8, 12, or 16 team format.


If Georgia beats Alabama in the SEC championship game, Alabama is OUT (assuming they both win the rest of their scheduled games). If Alabama beats Georgia, they both will probably get in the CFP. Michigan State/Ohio State, one will probably make the CFP (assuming an undefeated MSU or 1 loss OSU), not both. If Oklahoma wins out, they are in. My current CFP teams would be Georgia, Oklahoma, Cincinnati, Michigan State.

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There is no scenario where access is improved when rats have taken over the wheelhouse.


All issues would be solved if ncaa football would have a legit post season like ncaa basketball does. The fact that you win a conference championship and it means nothing towards being in a playoff is a crap system. Bcs and current system still suck.


Those that say bring back the computers to eliminate bias don’t understand computers. Computers are dumb. They do exactly what they are told by the programmer. If the programmer has a bias, so will the computers.

The only fair way is like the NFL, earn it on the field. NCAA? Conference champions only.


Conference champs plus at large bids. 130 teams and only four teams play for the natty. Dumb system.

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And how are the at-large bids determined? Some committee?

It has to be spelled out before the season starts. No moving the goal posts

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Good question. I’m not an expert of working of college sports. Maybe do what the ncaa bball tournament does? Which is a committee.? But obviously expand it beyond 4 teams. SOS, what is your opinion on a solution?

I could go for a 12 school playoff. P5 and G5 champions make it.

Two at large births, not from same conference, prevents 3 SEC teams in playoffs. To qualify, you have to be at least a division winner, i.e played in a CCG and lost.

Now you complain about seedings and the 2 at large births. Top 4 get byes. 5 plays 12, etc.


You guys are worried about the rules of the dice game when the Gambino crime family runs the gambling hall. There is NO Scenario where access improves with these snakes in charge of the system.

Short of congressional involvement the system just morphs into another version of itself.

(I’m not advocated that yet, BTW.)


Get rid of the idea of a national champion. Too many teams and too few games, and the players are amateurs. Play to win the conference and then just enjoy the bowls as showcases.

Oh, and 54 50 or fight!

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Not a lot of people are going to get your reference. But I love it.

That’s actually not a bad idea. As long as its not settled on the field then what’s the difference?

And espn has all weekend to highlight how bad Tulsa is as they do their mock gameday.

It would be more difficult to hide bias with a computer though.