Belichick out in New England

It was expected

Mike Vrabel is available


Without Brady he’s been nothing special

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This makes so much sense, it will never happen.

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I thought this was a cool thing for him to do when they played the SB here and the Pats used our facilities.

And then there is my all time favorite NFL Draft moment


Forgot about that draft video.

Only one coaching change could have moved Saban’s retirement to second place. What are the chances the best coach in college football history and the best NFL coach, in terms of Super Bowls, in NFL history, leave their jobs within 24 hours of each other?


I guess Bill saying get you a dog if you want loyalty.


And Kraft said over and over again hiring Bill Belichick was the smartest move he has ever made! What a liar! He’s the best as long as he keeps winning, as soon as he stumbles he gets the boot! My my my how soon the love affair goes south!


Only a masochist or a damned fool would take that job.

I’d bet money that it’s very possible. $50, put your money where your mouth is.

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Which Super Bowl was that photo from?

The best thing he did was draft Tom Brady and he passed him about 5 times, if not more.

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I’m gonna need some points though.


If you take Vrabel, you gotta spot me at least a TD.

51, Pats-Falcons at NRG

Belichick to Bama

Saban to New England

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