Best BBQ in your joint

She is right about Spring Creek’s ribs, excellent. I used to work with a woman that their family started Spring Creek in Richardson many years ago. I still say Pappas/Brisket House is the best for brisket. Rudy’s lean comes in a close second.

Terry blacks in Austin is overrated. IMO.

The sides were between decent and good

I like Spring Creek for the black pepper sausage. It goes really well with their sauce. My usual BBQ is Brookstreet in Sugar Land.

In order of importance:
Brisket - moist, no sauce
Pork ribs
Sausage - spicy
Beef rib
Everything else

I’ll judge them on their sides, but that’s not my focus. And some places really excel at certain meats that set them apart.

I generally don’t care about a sandwich unless I’m eating leftovers.

Always felt locally Pecan smoked brisket at Swinging Door, mesquite smoked chicken at Goode Company and post oak smoked ribs at Luling were the best. I haven’t had Truth or some of the others so I could have my mind changed,

I was pretty disappointed with Swinging Door - went twice and gave up, because it really wasn’t better than Rudy’s. Witt Pit is far better, imo.

Nicely organized. Are you a BBQ or chili cookoff judge? :grinning:

I generally stick to the brisket since I don’t usually cook that at home. I do my own pork ribs and chicken. Sausage I get from father in law…venison.

I haven’t been in a while. It could have gone downhill.

I religiously smoke my brisket with pecan based on what I ate at Swinging Door

Nah, not a judge - I’ve just done a lot of road-tripping and BBQ eating over the years. Back in the day, there weren’t many to choose from, but that’s not the case anymore. Now, if a place doesn’t have something I love, I’m not going back. Too many others to try.

Pizzitola’s ribs still hold up well, and they have great banana pudding.

I used to stop at Hinze’s in Wharton all the time, and their pecan-smoked BBQ was awesome.

Down the road near Louise, Mustang Creek is delicious, too, but I don’t know if they use pecan.

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My partner & I ran Regal Ranch which was owned by Jerry’s dad, Joe. When Jerry bought the bbq joint on Shepard, we went over there to teach him the finer points of overnight smoking vast quantities of brisket, ribs and chicken.

We used 22+ lbs brisket. We estimated a 38% yield.

Here’s one that no one has mentioned yet: Tejas BBQ and Chocolate, in Tomball. Everything is top notch there, but the Chile Relleno Sausage is a game-changer.


When coming or going down to the RGV, usually stop at Hinze’s. Really good sliced brisket sandwiches. My brother once got the chopped brisket sandwich with the sauce mixed in…too sweet and not enough spicy for my taste. I usually get sauce on the side so the bun doesn’t get soggy.

Contrast with Joel’s BBQ in Flatonia that does mesquite smoked brisket. I believe they try to do homemade bread for the sandwich…square slices. The brisket was decent-good but the bread fell apart…add sauce and bread turned to mush…decent taste though.

Junior’s in Wharton has a butcher shop and the sausage is great. They have everything you can imagine. They actually had a mac & cheese sausage and a chicken cordon bleu sausage. We pick up several types every time we go by and give the gift of meat for Christmas.

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My go-to locally is Corkscrew. Best I’ve had in Houston. I really like City Market in Lulling. The sausage is fantastic. City Market in Giddings is fantastic too. Doesn’t get noticed too often, because Snow’s is right down the street.

Country Tavern outside of Kilgore but just for the ribs. Best brisket is Cattleack in Farmers Branch.

same, they have 4 locations

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Regal Ranch? That’s a blast from the past.

When I was a youth living in Westbury we would get on 90A and drive out of town to get to Regal Ranch. Now I have to drive into town to get to Regal Ranch.

Junior’s is fantastic. They actually used to make the jerky that Buc-ees sold - not sure if that’s still the case.