Best road trip in the new Big 12?

Funk, you are on roll today.

Edit: easy on the butter

Butter is my fuel. Its the gallons of Heineken that do a number on my thermal exhaust port.


Too bad Austin is not a trip in the new Big 12. It’s easily the best weekend trip of the old conference.

I currently live here… Austin is basically San Francisco 2.0 these days… there are better places to visit.

Personally, my wife and I are looking forward to catching a road game in Stillwater and Waco.

BYU looks beautiful but not sure how fun of a college football atmosphere it would be? No booze? Do the Mormons even tailgate? LOL


Watching the iowa state iowa game and told my wife we are going.

The Big 12 probably has the LEAST interesting away game locations of all the P5s.


I agree about Austin. I live in Georgetown and NEVER go into Austin unless I have to. In fact, my older daughter got married in Austin in June and I found myself apologizing to virtually everyone from OOT.


It’s pretty bad…

Georgetown is great. Love visiting our friends up there.

My wife and I are building a home in Dripping Springs and should (hopefully) be moving out there in about 60 days or so. We’re looking forward to getting out to the Hill Country and out of the city.


Provo is always nice to visit…


Whoever said Mountain Meadows was really that bad!?

Saddle up, Boys!!!

Fun fact, they’re all related.


And they only soak

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Future UH OOC road games outside of Houston:
Nov. 27, 2021 Houston at UConn .
Sept. 3, 2022 Houston at UTSA.
Sept. 10, 2022 Houston at Texas Tech.
Sept. 16, 2023 Houston at Kansas.
Aug. 31, 2024 Houston at UTSA.
Sept. 21, 2024 Houston at Boise State.
Sept. 12, 2026 Houston at Colorado.
Sept. 26, 2026 Houston at Georgia Southern.
Sept. 11, 2027 Houston at Utah.

Some good uns.

IMO, for football, WVU wins this with BYU an easy 2nd. You could do a week long vacation in WV. I’m thinking you could do the same for BYU and explore Utah around the game. Both schools have good football atmospheres too.

Overall, Kansas for basketball is the trip to make. End of discussion. :joy:

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The destinations don’t sound promising. Makes you miss Tulane! But you cannot have everything. It’s all for TV.

Utah is beautiful.

Yikes … skinny legs … put some meat on them gals … did they just get liberated from Auschwitz maybe …

BUT not too much meat … don’t want too many fat Lily’s hiding behind counters from the AT&T commercials …

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The Big XII money is great but the destinations are hell holes compared to the cities in the AAC


We’ll, they ain’t Nola, Vegas, or San Diego.

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Used to live in Virginia and visited a friend up in WV. Can confirm, WV and Appalachia region is beautiful in the fall. Never been to a game up there, but I imagine it would be a good time.

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