Best scout team QB in the nation

I’m assuming that’ll be King? It’ll be interesting to see if that helps improve the D against dual-threat QB’s, starting with our next game against Cinci then later against UCF and Navy (well against the triple option). Playing against King in real-time speed can only help our D right?


Good thought, he’ll definitely help our defense if used in that role.

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Someone (JD) needs to ask Dana if that’s what he’s doing…he hasn’t said that King is actually suiting up during practice.

One of the commentators from Saturday night was really adamant that D’Eriq is not going to Be here next year. I wasn’t surprised the topic came up but I was really surprised about how sure he was that he’s not going to stick around

If Tune really Continues to bloom and excels at QB it may make it impossible for King to just “step in” as starter next year. King May be forced to jump in the portal.

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Seemed to have the same opinion of Corbin. I feel like redshirting with King has driven his status as a receiver up a notch.

It would probably be best for the program overall if Tune played well this year and King came back next year so Tune could redshirt.


Wonder if other colleges are calling Mr. King Sr?

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King is playing WR in the NFL like Greg Ward.

I hope Tune plays well and King comes back as a slot receiver.


there is no chance at that happening…and king at wr also isnt a guarantee…the #1 pick in 2018 was a qb extremely similar to king…

every single team in the nation replacing a qb will take a flyer on king (LSU, Oklahoma Florida as an example)…the notion that he would stay as a WR is silly…
it bothers me when people say this and are trying to pass a narrative that might reach him (and spook him into the portal)… over a game that the backup had 120yds passing total, against a low recruiting G5 dline


Let’s face it Pesik. As much as I like D’Eriq he has had some horrible games. You can’t be missing wide open WR game after game. We also have to remember that many new QB’s will be drafted. King’s stock is not good right now.


Yeah I heard that too, they were giddy about it. Which was weird. They could have said “maybe” or “might” not. I think if he doesn’t come back it could be because Tune is doing really well. Tune seems better suited for the Air Raid, pocket passer but can still run (he’s faster than people think he is).

But then again… Kyler Murray did just fine in the Air Raid and he and D’ Eriq are the same style player.

im not denying that king missed some deep balls…im saying that some of yall are crowing tune and tune hasnt hit a single deep pass either… tune missed all of the same passes that king…

and “horrible games” is a massive exaggeration…please name the horrible games?? king was 12 total tds and 2 ints…every single game this season he looked above average, elite as a runner, passable as a passer

alot of yall are giving tune credit for the special teams TDs…and alot of yall are blaming king for the game winning drop in tulane, the WR fumble in the 4th vs wazzu…


Most of the negative comments come from the " what have you done for me lately crowd".
If D’Erig last name was Keenum he would be getting a pass from the same crowd.
Previous years D’Eriq has been dropping dimes on the deep throws, obviously something was off this year, and none of us knows why.
Go Coogs…Go Tune…Let’s win some games.


I don’t buy that “if his name was Keenum, he would be getting a pass” crap for one second. That is lazy commenting. If Keenum was 2-19 on passes over 20 yards, he’d be hearing it too.


keenum legitimately had a game with 6 ints …in 1 game… as a junior, and we all pretended it didnt happen,a 1 td 6 int game
keenum wouldnt have heard anything…

d’eriq is on his 3rd year as a qb too…imagine if that game had been king and the reactions

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A bowl game against AFA as I recall. To me bowl games don’t mean quite as much, they’re wild cards.

Watching that game all I could think was that AFA was stealing signs. They knew exactly where the ball was going all game long. It was definitely an outlier when looking at Case’s career.

King doesn’t have quite the same track record. Of course he isn’t playing in the same offense as Case either. In fact, D’Eriq isn’t playing the same offense that 2018 D’Eriq did. Or 2017 D’Eriq. Or 2016 D’Eriq.

Different QBs, different strengths.


Who pretended it didn’t happen?


I was there for the AFA bowl game with Keenum’s parents, aunts and uncles sitting directly in front of me and when someone asked me, I gave an honest assessment of what was going on. No one in front of me liked it.

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the majority of our fans the day after the game ended and started hyping up the 2010 season…the very next day on twitter was filled with “we love you keenum posts”…
if keenum was doing 100yds rushing a game, 350total offense a game, had 12tds to 2ints…after playing 2 top 25 teams in a coaching transition year changing offenses …
“would he be hearing it” no…you can speak for yourself differently, but you know exactly what the majority of our fanbase would be thinking