Big 12 expansion: Ranking the top 10 candidates and breaking down the latest

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My favorite line was:

4 UCF Emerging powerhouse under Scott Frost?

No pressure, Coach Frost!

One official still wonders how his school was among the 18. The school never contacted the Big 12 and was never contacted by the conference, the source told CBS Sports. He was flattered, happy and intended to follow through but wondered out loud: Where do we go from here?

Got a feeling this was Air Force.

when even Dennis Dodd says Big 12 likely to expand and has Houston as number 2 candidate behind BYU, things are looking good for the Coogs!

To his credit, he did place a question mark at the end. [quote=“CoogFansAdmin, post:1, topic:2119, full:true”]


“2 HoustonTremendous upside – best of the bunch.”

What more needs to be said?

One issue that never seems to get attention is
"what will a school be like in the future?"
As example, look at UH’s progress since 2003 and then estimate what UH will be like in 30 years? What will other candidates be like in 30 years? UH will have 60,000 students or more. It will probably be in the AAU. Houston will be a much larger international city. UH has support of the state of Texas and that is huge. Some of the other candidates are in low or no growth locales.

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All this expansion talk aside. The potential for UH has always been there, it was just a matter of having the right leadership in place. There is no doubt we have that now. I remember days when we were left for dead as a school and program, seemingly just going through the paces and the future seemed so bleak. To see the progress we have made now is astonishing, needless to say, where we may be in 10, 20, or 30 years.

I guess many old timers often say, “It is a good time to be a Coog.”

I say, “Hell, it was always better to be a Coog because people know we earned it and had nothing given to us” And maybe it may be just me(doubt it), but I’m always smiling with pride when the announcers says, “Will all UH students and ALUMS please remain standing for the singing of OUR Alma Mater?” My friends don’t understand why I’m smiling when I’m singing our Alma Mater, but I always tell them, “It may not mean anything to you, but it means something to me.” Go Coogs!


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