Big 12 eyeing PAC 12 schools for future expansion

Don’t see it without other major changes. If UT/OU were still in the Big 12, then they could have used the tier 3 rights plus a bigger tier 1 and 2 as incentive, but that is not here now.

Maybe if the B1G decided to go to a P2 with the SEC and grab Washington, Colorado, Oregon, USC, then maaayyybe.

I think they mean the Arizona Schools, Utah, and Colorado, all of which will now be closer to Big 12 country than the West Coast.


Would love to have the Arizona schools join the Big 12! :+1:


OMG! I knew it.


This will never happen but it shows why Bowlsby is revealing himself as the Alpha. Control the narrative,
Point possibilities in your direction. Keep people wondering. It also poses the question of which conference is more competitive?

Just the concept of a Pac team joining the B12 is a PR win for the B12.

Bowlsby pretended to be the victim of the AAC, paralyzed the PR apparatus of their network, then walked away with three of their teams. And still managed to keep the media on his side.

That’s a winning poker player.
[coming from a guy that had a bad impression of him]


That posture didn’t get Aresco very far…


Or very lucky.

Either way, he’s pulling the strings for our future conference so I’d love for him to continue to be as disruptive as possible to the other P5.


I forgot U of Colorado is in the Denver media market which is 17th. That one could be a good grab and close to BYU and the Kansas schools.


I’m not prepared to say whether it was luck or skill.
He was seated with the better hand. But telling the dealer to, “shut the Hell up!” was ballsy.

Either way I’m rooting for him. Because he’s our Bowlsby now. Lol


I have been saying this on multiple posts since this whole thing began
colorado and az st will be in the big 12 soon

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Just a quick a question:
Say you are a BIG12 School and the PAC12 comes calling.
What do you do?
a) Join the PAC12
b) stay put
c) Call a friend for a friendly advice

I’ll put my money on Bowlby. I’m not sure about that neophyte running the PAC-12. He passed on expansion which is his first rookie mistake.


A!! Screw these guys. And the money is better.



This has been bandied about for like a decade and it’s never made any sense. Arizona and ASU in particular depend heavily on California for both students and athletes; joining a conference where they’d probably never play another P5 California opponent again would be anathema to them. Bluntly, I would be floored if any Pac schools made the leap back when the Big 12 was at its peak; at this point it would be a genuine head-scratcher.


They are close to renegotiating their media rights. They took the stance to not disturb the status quo. Money is not an issue for the PAC12. IMO I do not see it as passing an opportunity. This is just MOO. It does not make me right. I still think that if given the chance a teetech or okie state will jump to the PAC12 in a heartbeat. This is just me. You might think otherwise and that is fine.

From Tucson or Phoenix it is a one day drive, or less, to 4 of their 5 PAC12 South opponents.

If in The Big12 only one such drive exists.

Nothing is going to get any of these PAC12 teams to move East. Nothing.

$Money? No A.D. ever comments about being broke and needing more dollars. Of course they would take it if available but do not seem to be dying.

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I don’t think it was him I think got pushback from some the powers that be in that conference. He said or something similar, expansion was on hold for now.

IMHO Aresco is a fraud.