Big 12 in 2022...?

AAC says we can go sooner… For a fee.

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The consensus throughout this process has been 2023 or 2024.

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If Tilman’s net worth has truly increased as much as people say, then we need to be talking to him about paying whatever ransom is necessary in order to secure the earliest possible entry into the Big 12.


I wonder if depends on when the SEC will take OU UT


We go when the Big 12 says they are ready and thats going to be 2023 or 2024…whorn and okie dont want ANY part of us if they can avoid it…

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They have to figure when ou/ut exit will happen first


I’m sure he’s in the middle of any conversation about the Big 12 move

Y’all like spending other people’s money lol


Can confirm next we are in the big 12, first game is Texas

That’s a month old article. Old news.

Houston will be in the Big 12 for the 2023 season.


I never saw it posted here…

Probably because everyone was focused on firing CDH and benching Tune at that time… The difference 30 days makes… :joy:


Tillman is great benefactor to the University no doubt People need to give Tillman a break. He does have other business considerations and interest. But we are forever indebted and grateful to him for his support.


itll be 2023… not 2022

I hope we go in 2023. We are not ready for 2022. We still need to build depth and P5 recruiting cycles will help

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Do you see that as the Year the SEC takes OU UT

i dont know… but the big 12 expects us by 2023…byu is making plans for 2023…


I don’t see them adding till they get rid of

its the opposite… the big 12 really wants to add before they leave… rhoades in an interview last week noted the league hopes to be 14 members till 2025… they are hoping for a few seasons with the new member and texas and ou

us joining and them leaving are 2 separate operations not tied together… but the hope is to join by 2023…and that texas and ou havent negotiated out by then


Wow, well I won’t believe it till it happens.

This excerpt from the article is laughable:
“Ultimately we want to be stronger than we were,” he (Aresco) said. "We think there are schools interested in us who would help us do that.


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