Big Buy-out

But after 5 seasons of this, what will attendance be for home games next season? In the teens? What is that loss of revenue? Parking/concessions/attendance/years of effort to rebuild the fan base?


Brand disintegration.


Couldn’t have done it without Pezman as AD.


Pezman should be fire with Dana


Houstonians only support winners. Getting rid of Dana does no good unless the next guy comes in and wins big games and wins often. I think the decision has to be made to get rid of Dana but it’s not going to be easy for someone to come in here and turn this thing around. If we blow everything up and start new next year, how many fans will sit through another 4-8 season just because it’s a new face instead of Dana? How many fans will continue to renew season tickets and support a losing team in a rebuild? There’s no guarantee that buying out Dana will save the program elsewhere.

As much as I hate it for college athletics, the only way to turn this thing around quickly is to hire a head coach like the one at Tulane or UTSA and bring them here only if they are able to bring with them the best of their staff, players, etc.

If a change is made, we need to retain the majority of our top talent and bring in a coach, scheme, and players from that scheme that know how to win and play at a high level. Bringing in an OC that won’t bring with him his best players or staff isn’t the play in my opinion.


$14M buyout. TF shook hands with DH in front of the cameras. TF told the media a rough first year was expected.

DH is coming back in 2024.

IMO, he needs to post a winning season in 2024 to come back in 2025. If 2024 is a losing season, he will be bought out at $10M.

If he has a winning season and comes back in 2025, then that will be the big year. Win in 2025 and its another contract extension. Lose in 2025 and he gone.

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Holgorsen is 3 games above .500 after 5 years and fans hate him on the same level they hated Dana Dimel who was 8-26 in 3 years at UH.

Hire the right man and he can rebuild this program. It might take a season or two, but it can be done. Who the right man would be is above my pay grade.


@ 10:45 they call it UH “Nuclear Winter” if he is brought back.

Tillman could take a couple million from the Golden Nugget, walk to another casino in Vegas, win 4 or 5 hands in blackjack, and boom the buyout is paid. So easy.:grin:


Its a pretty sweet gig to get paid 4 million a year for 30 decent mins a week.


You keep posting these partial paraphrases… Who cares that TF shook hands with CDH? What do you expect him to do?

TF acknowledged that CDH was “not far off” of expectations…which means that 1) there are expectations for CDH and 2) CDH is “off” of those expectations. Then TF said he expected to beat OSU and said 6-6 and a bowl would meet expectations. And neither one of those two things happened… Those two things TF is quoted as saying in the media carry more weight than a handshake at a public event.

The fact is TF, RK, and everyone else at UH have to acknowledge that CDH failed to meet expectations, and then try some mental gymnastics to justify keeping him. Maybe they will, maybe they won’t… But the “proof” you’re trying to use to say it’s a done deal that he’s coming back is weak to say the least… Especially in light of all of the other facts that are publicly available.

Go Coogs


He gone…or the fans are.


Based on the past few weeks the fans have already checked out.


And he can’t afford many more


Right now fans care bc they want him gone. If he is back fans won’t care. That’s worst. There is nothing to look forward to and we are finally in a power 5 conference.
The most anticipation we have had all year is if Dana will be fired tomorrow.
If he is let go, we can go into next season excited and not lose so many fans that care.

Willie Fritz’s phone is hopefully ringing right now


“Meeting with top officials”

…on a Sunday. This ain’t no ‘what’s the post-season plan?’ kind of get together between Yesman and Dana.


15 minutes today.

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He can tell them all about his plan to run off 60 kids that his staff recruited.


and replace them with 40 cast-offs from other teams. Its like a rule 5 draft.
But things will be fine. We’re turning it around.