"BIG" What If?

What if Renu Khator is successful in getting her alma mater (Purdue University) to sponsor UH into the AAU which helps UH to get an invite into the BIG - for UH’s upcoming 100 Year anniversary celebration in 2027?

One can dream…


It would represent a dream scenario of course.

But it hasn’t happened thus far.

Maybe someday!

That AAU stuff is Mob run.

All the SEC teams are AAU. Our best deal is to get with the Non-AAU teams and fight them head to head.


Not counting Texas, only Florida, Missouri, A&M, and Vanderbilt are.


UH doesn’t seem a good fit for the B1G, geography aside. Yeah, I know, I’m a bad fan and I probably hate America and puppies.

The money, though… The money is a stupidly large amount. That is so much money. No wonder USC and UCLA were ready to ditch close to 100 years of affiliation. Just show me where to sign.

On one hand, if the B1G wants a school in a state that watches football, TT, TCU or UH come closer than many. On the other hand, unless they are just itching to get into Texas, other schools are better fits, like UNC and UVA, which gives them a Southern portal. aTm would be so wrong in so many ways. SEC is perfect for them.

I should have Sarcasm at the front of the post.

SEC is the most powerful Conference. They are not worried about the AAU rankings. It’s 63 Schools.

You want to worry about higher education, that is great. It does not sway the mass population like it used too.

Money, competition, TV is the driver for sports now.

Aggy doesn’t fit in any conference. They are the weird, annoying, cheating, delusional, dog-worshipping haters wherever they are.



No they aren’t.

Only a handful of SEC teams are AAU.

That’s the biggest difference between the B1G and SEC: academic standards!!!

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If UH got into the B1G, I might cry tears of joy. I’d love to be a B1G alum. That said, I’m skeptical.


Yeah, but the bottom line is money to play football. If the B1G didn’t have an AAU option besides ND, but felt they needed to expand to maintain parity with the SEC, it would point to Nebraska and get a couple schools with good academics though not AAU.

Nobody is suggesting the B1G would take a school with poor academics, but that AAU label is great for press releases until it doesn’t matter as much anymore. Money rules everything. “I’m not watching the B1G anymore because they just expanded to non-AAU institutions” said nobody, ever.

“I really wanted to take that professorship I was offered at Michigan, but since the B1G added a couple of non-AAU schools, I feel as the prestige is tarnished, so I’m looking elsewhere.”


I’m a B1G alum (Illinois).

Trust me. It’s an overrated experience!


Aggy doesn’t fit in any conference.

They fit the conference they are currently in.

They are the weird, annoying, cheating, delusional, dog-worshipping haters wherever they are.

Like I said, they fit the conference they are currently in.


That pretty much describes the SEC. Aggies fit just fine.

I was wondering about that……several SEC schools have fairly low academic standards.

Florida, Missouri, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt are AAU.

Except Nebraska lost their AAU status.

But they had it when they were invited.

Unless you are Notre Dame, you need to be AAU at the time of invite, in order to get a B1G invitation.

Can you say which ones have a lower overall rating than UH and show documentation to prove it?