Big10 overrated

Michigan St, Ohio St, Purdue, … Go TSU!


Beat me to it!


The super elite greatest basketball conference of the century has provided us some wonderful upsets today. I hope it continues.

It’s sweet. ESPN won’t look good due to their BIG 10 hype.

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I wish they could roll a tape of all sports media guys & how they “bragged on Big 10 BB!

Big Ten is thankful for the ACC.


What an effing joke. Not only the hype but the seeds…ridiculous in composite. Illinois is very good though.

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Sounds like every other year.


Speaking of questionable seedings, I’m looking forward to Memphis obliterating the field in the NIT.

I honestly think they’re going to win that tournament. And, if so, it will set them up to possibly be the co-favorite in the AAC next year. They are going to be a load next year.


It’s not just that the B10 loss games in the opening round, but that Ohio St (a #2 seed) loss to a #15 seed and Purdue (a #4 seed) loss to a #13 seed.

Wisconsin (who won yesterday) will be out after tomorrow (Baylor).

Hopefully Rutgers is out after tomorrow (UH).

Illinois playing Loyola.

Michigan, Iowa & Maryland playing today. Out of these three I would say UCONN has the best chance to beat Maryland.

That would mean six of the nine B10 teams out after the first weekend.

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One more thing. All these games are being played in B10 country in arenas that they play in a lot!!


I know I’m happy. Way to go, greatest conference of all time. I’m just shocked they didn’t get more than 9 in the dance. I guess all those extra quality losses just went to waste.


I bought into Purdue for that reason and by bracket is paying dearly for it.

The good thing about that is I can quit checking it now and just enjoy the games.


i only had them getting past the mean green

Iowa looks good. Not impressed with the rest.

I saw Maryland play UCONN. They looked like us without Deeky, Grimes and Sasser. The defense was solid but the offense was bad.

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I couldn’t watch it. Brickfest

Loyola of Chicago 71 - Illinois 58.


And now Illinois!

Loyola is REALLY good!!

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