Big12 Basketball 2023-24

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Great coach at a blue blood school. He is arguably the best in college basketball and he gets paid well for it.
I read that his record at home is 300-7.

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Luka 2s UH exclusive


Aren’t they currently on probation? That could partly be a reason for his record.

@Jcoop9 weren’t our guys wearing some shoes last yr that looked pink?

Those Luka ones look sick

they still are, i know Ramon was still wearing them against ULM, the pink Luka 1s, only jordan brand school exclusive, but not a PE, so no UH logo on the pink ones

We also got PEs of the 38, and also Tatum PEs

Now i just wish we would get some better uniforms to go with the shoes

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Agree our uniforms were better in the past. Trends have gone back to the booty shorts so i dont know if much can be done with that.

But yeah, we should stylin’ and profilin’ like my boy Wooooooooo!!!

Meaningless penalties. Sampson had violations and got suspended from coaching in college. Does that make him a bad coach?

I didn’t say it made him a bad coach. I said his many wins could have been the result of his program being on probation.


  1. Houston Cougars
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byu bigs is going to give us issues… he isnt tall, but is insanely strong… watching them vs sdsu right now… they are playing 4 out and him the center nad he is just bullying his way …we dont have strength match to him on rotation players

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@pesik Fousse Traore, i like him alot.

Ball treasure BYUs guards, bring the double on Fousse. I dont think hes that great a passer, to find the open guy off a double

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Fous is short. Only 6’6” and I agree that he lacks vision. In part because he is short.

The coogs will slaughter the Cougs. I’m just happy we didn’t embarrass the big 12 tonight.

Really nice conference win tonight for BYU to get a ranked W.
This also puts them in early contention for a spot in the dance.


By winning a game this early in the season?

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Yes it puts them in position for a shot.
The challenge will be finishing .500 in the Big 12 and a win like this can go a long way.


Never a bad time for a quad 1 or 2 win