Biggest Needs for Next Year?

Besides a new head coach, what are our top needs for next year? It seems like a new first baseman is key since we’ve had Justin Murray at that position for the last two years when he wasn’t pitching.

Antoine Jean (63 IP) graduated in May 2013. Only pitcher to throw each of 14 weekends.
Jaxon Jelkin (34 IP; hurt) finished third year after a year at Nebraska, CC and UH. Coming back?
Cade Citelli (41 IP) finished his third year.
JOSÉ TORREALBA (26 IP) was a grad transfer and finished his fifth year.
Justin Murray (20 IP; 2.18 ERA) is gone.

Baylor Baseball’s Biggest Needs in the Transfer Portal | SicEm365Baylor needs for 2025

This BU article says that “shortstop is a position that comes at a premium price in the portal.” Obviously, a weekend pitcher would also be expensive.

How the lack old was Jean?

Graduated in 2013?


I am still not sure what his final injury was, but if he is ok then Jelkin will be a high draft pick so he will not be coming back.

Torrealba is almost 30. He needs to go. I am not sure how old Jean is, but if 2013 is right, then that is ridiculous!

May 2023 grad for Jean. My bad.

Torrealba turned 26 on May 18.

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That is a ridiculous high age to be playing college sports!

I was just messing with you buddy.

As far as what do they need?

Basically everything……won’t have a sharper knife until you know who all will be headed out.

Right now it’s just gather as much talent as possible….

TW would have to have the top recruiting class in the Big 12 to even have a shot of sniffing the tournament….
Does anyone here actually trust the guys brought in to actually develop? Whether an arm or bat I know I don’t.

I had a conversation with a parent last week whose kid is an upper level D-1 arm….Dad has already put the word out his son is going to college.( educated guess he would be drafted 8-12 rounds if just based on talent alone)

I did not even bring up UH’s name….still a lot to talk about with him regarding scholly %, preference, etc.
But he will most likely play in the Big 12 unless one particular ACC school that saw him last summer really comes through.

Anyway, until TW is gone I just can’t even bring up UH’s name in good faith.


You would be doing the kid a disservice at this point to bring up UH.

A lot of solid ACC options if he feels like he’d be developed. If parents can afford it, Duke, UNC and Wake for academics. FSU and Miami for baseball history. Stanford!

Anywho, anyone know when the portal closes? I saw that it opened on 6/3.

July 2nd, I believe.

I’ll just say they saw him when we were in Florida.

It’s all about getting enough academic money to help off set the out of state hit.

Insanity is dong the same things expecting different results… Get a freakin coach.


Why? You’ve got a weird obsession with age.

Pitching, pitching, and more pitching. And by pitching, that means quality pitching.

We have to replace a bunch of position players too, but it seems like they’ve already signed guys that should be able to fill those spots.

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Well, hopefully, they don’t limit the amount of academic money he can get because he will be on an athletic scholarship like UH does!

Because college sports is meant for college aged kids (18-22) who get four years of eligibility, 5 if you redshirt. It is not fair for guys of that age to have to compete against grown men who are 26. That is why they have professional baseball. If you played sports in college, imagine being able to come back four years later and compete with a bunch of 20 year olds. You would completely dominate!

Where is a list of the guys we have already signed

HS Signees


Blinn: Climie McGinnis, Bishop. Maybe RHP Kaden Dydalewicz.

IF/OF Pip Smalley - State College of Florida

RF Jack Burke - Cypress College

RHP Eric Van Valkenburg - Palomar JC

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Why are we signing catchers?

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I have no inside knowledge of this but it would not surprise me if Bennett split.

He should have been starting as a freshman last year….especially on a team that was going nowhere.

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It is interesting that he is the only one playing in the Northwoods League.

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