Biggest Roster losses after the season

I’m not really sure how everyone feels about our roster next year but I think we will be better offensive and defensive .On offense we are bringing back basically everyone except QB and TE . Defensively I have looked at our depth and I am convinced that we will be better the only question for me on defense is corner but I am hopeful we can be better and get it fixed . On offense we are stacked at WR and at RB we just might be the best I’ve seen with Alton back our O-line has been playing well lately and is still very young I got to think it will be even better next year. Defense loses alot of seniors but after looking I think our underclassmen have been playing better. D- line brings back DOT, Anthony jones,nelson Cesar at LB nunnery ,morris and cheeks very good returning group. Secondary is very much a question but have a lot of young guys coming in.Maybe we can upgrade our defensive coaching and get our mojo back but I for one think we can and will surprise some people in the big 12 next year.

What do y’all think is our biggest Roster losses after the season ?


Clayton Tune will be the biggest loss. We haven’t had many QBs as good as him, so it will probably be hardest to replace him.


And Dana will let us know about it at every press conference. Even though he’s the coach. He knew Tune’s eligibility schedule. There were no surprises there. But boo hoo wait until next year when QB is more experienced. That will be 2023. All. Season. Long.


Well I guess I don’t share your same

Last time I checked Dana chose Tune and stuck with him even when everyone was not happy so I’m confident Dana can make good decisions when it comes to QB .


Op, you had a good synopsis about why we might be better next year. I hope you’re right. :slight_smile:

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I’m excited to see what Coley can do.


Tune and Parrish- no question.


The biggest roster losses will be in the portal. Might be backups, might be starters, but we will have some portal losses.

We picked the wrong year to quit playing in the aac.

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It’s never the wrong year to leave the AAC for the B12.


In the Transfer Portal Era, it’s difficult to get excited or down about next year’s roster. I have no idea who is behind the scenes that wants out or who is at another school that wants a chance at UH. I hope the WRs and RBs all return but I know that may not happen.

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The sooner we get out of the G5, the better.

Back on topic.

Tune, Dell, Parish, and D’Anthony Jones are the biggest losses, with Tune the biggest loss, especially given that there appears to be a HUGE drop off at #2.

We’d better sign a good transfer or JUCO QB in time for Spring training.


Yeah. I’m an eternal optimist, but in the era of NIL and the portal, I’m not pinning my hopes and dreams on any certain players until the portal window closes.


Are we sure Dell is not coming back ?

maybe we can snag some aggies from the portal to shore up defense, or even a 2nd qb option……i think they will jump from that sinking ship en masse

Yes. He is gone. He has nothing else to prove in college.

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Maybe he wants to play against Big 12 teams, but yeah I’m afraid he is gone

UH should have declined the offer to join the Big 12 until the timing was right. [/sarcasm]


The portal is the big variable now, and will be every season. We just don’t know which players will decide to leave. Of course, we also don’t know what gains we might make in the portal.

It’s really changed the recruiting. In some ways, I think you’re better off to find a transfer with at least 2 years of eligibility remaining than you are to expend resources recruiting high school kids that don’t project to play right away. I don’t know what the right balance is, but it’s becoming difficult to truly develop players on the depth chart, even at schools like Alabama.

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