Boise not happy with MWC contract

Rumor is BYU and Boise to AAC.


Not unless every current team in the AAC gets more money and the new boys wait their turn.


With Wichita State as an all sport but football member, and Navy a football only member how would that work? Would they be all sports or just football? It would seem that as all sports members, the travel costs would be a real financial burden.

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Assume football only? Where are you hearing this? I would be happy to land either one of these teams in the AAC.


13 football members? Where is this rumor from?

Twitter has the rumor.

Let them fight it out - unless we can add Army in football. But it would require adding a couple of pure Southern teams to the West:

Boise St

Can’t see Memphis or Tulane getting excited about that.

Would love to add BYU, Boise, and AFA for football-only with VCU for basketball. Don’t see how the conference wouldn’t get a revenue bump with those schools. And with BYU, Boise, UH, UCF, Cincinnati, Memphis, Navy, etc., they may as well give the AAC champion a NY6 contract bowl. ESPN would be screwing Fox by taking Boise and AFA plus BYU is the most valuable non P5 school you could get. But I’ll believe it when I see it. I do get how the MWC schools would get tired of Boise getting a better deal. SDSU and Fresno have both won the conference in football twice in the past seven years, and SDSU’s been the bell cow in basketball.

I wouldn’t like that either. But remember, Boise and BYU would be making 4 or 5 long road trips a year, while the existing AAC teams would only make 1 to play them assuming we play them at home on alternate years.

Add this…add that…lol

If Boise wants in they get in. Period.


You’re right.
Add this, add that is too funny. People act like they’re accessorizing their Barbie dolls. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We are already the best G5 conferece so we don’t need Boise State to get that status and BSU is not going to help us become a true P6. Only adding a blueblood would do that and that is not happening.

To add schools we are going to use the same logic that P5s use. What kind of revenue can you add to each existing member?

Boise State would need to bring in enough money for itself, $7M, then add additional money to each member. That is the logic that conferences use now and more than likely the reason we have not added a 12th team.


I think that this kind of “more money for everybody” is highly unlikely to occur. The AAC did not seem to use that type of analysis in deciding to add Tulane and Tulsa. And TCU didn’t seem to add diddly squat to the revenues of the Big 12.

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sorry to burst your bubble but at the time the
b12 added TCU and WVU they were down to 8 teams and their TV contract required a minimum of 10 teams. If they had not added two team, any two teams immediately, their TV contract would have been cut.

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M’eh. I heard the tcu AD is still on his knees in front of the ut AD.

We add BYU and Boise St, I could see ESPN increase revenue per school to 10-12 million (I would hope). Honestly, we would lay claim to “P6.”


The previous conference realignment was partly about getting new teams to build up their numbers. The B12 was desperate after losing 4 teams. They had to find at least 2 more teams so they wouldn’t look pathetic with 8 teams. The Big East (AAC) was back filling after losing a lot of teams. Again desperate.

The Big Ten and SEC set the new model of adding teams for revenue purposes. The B12 tried the same model in 2016 but decided to get more money from the networks instead of expanding. The AAC said the same that there was no team worth bringing in. If there was, it would have invited them.

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This is very interesting because the TCU AD is now the UT AD.


So thanks for making my point. After their defections, the Big 12 needed to add 2 warm bodies who added nothing to their media contract. And so if they had added Rice and Tulane, the Big 12’s media contract would have been exactly the same $$$.

Damn! That must have been one helluva “job” then. :crazy_face:

what I said was that the members of the b12 would have lost money if they had not added two teams. Preventing losing money was the most important thing at that time.

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Boise is happy with the contract. They still have their separate deal. What we’re seeing is the set-up for the conflict for the negotiation for the next contract.

Boise State is in the right, contractually. The MWC agreed to what they agreed to.

I doubt this means anything to the AAC. We aren’t going to give Boise what they want here.


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