Boren Backtracks his Flip-Flop

Jake Trotter ‏@Jake_Trotter 23m
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Statement from Oklahoma president David Boren in response to reports he “is now opposed to Big 12 expansion.”

So this was leaked by UT so that the blame is placed squarely on OU when the conference dissolves? Any other hair-brained theories?

Too many possibilities to even begin speculating. Just hope they vote one way or the other next month.

No kidding. This is beginning to take on the glow of dead fish. And all the appeal.


I met some Alabama fans and they were all suggesting we come to the SEC and hang with them, I say we go look down that road and let this capitan sink with his ship

Well, if anything the original report was leaked by OU sources as all these reporters giving stories are OU beat guys. Probably to throw UT off its game.

Otherwise Occam’s Razor suggests the simplest answer is correct. Boren is off his meds.


David Boren is in damage control mode and he’s covering his tracks

If anyone remembers the sitcom SOAP David Boren reminds me of Burt who would snap his fingers and declare that he was invisible. I think he’s insane.

Boren thought he was powerful enough to force UT into a TV network deal by coercing the other members that UT was greedy

UT has played this realignment exceptionally well and another thing to note is how quiet all the other schools have gotten. Even Tillman is quiet!!!

Every time we see the big 12 commissioner there’s David Boren sitting next to him - why is that?

The other thing I don’t understand is where is all the hubbub about BYU playing in its current division? if they’re so terrible why would anyone invite them to play in their stadiums ? I don’t buy this outrage.

I don’t think BYU is out of this and I don’t think the Coogs are either but I do think that that October meeting is going to be like it was high noon at the OK corral - no pun unintended

You know if Oklahoma state breaks ranks I think there will be a civil war

Now that’s an interesting thought. OSU has a lot to lose if the 12 folds. Also, I realize he has no vote, but T Boone is on record wanting Houston in.

Really though, OKs gov controls the universities like Texas’ does. They’ll vote how Mary Fellin wants them to vote.



So is T Boone signaling a break from OU? Those are pretty harsh words. He’s an old wildcatter and not as used to having people interpret every word, but still.

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Those sound like angry words to me- The president of OKST just got his marching orders

Boren: Oh! what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive.

Let’s put aside the question whether OU wants expansion for a moment. We do know that UT wants expansion. (I believe that UT wants expansion because it promised a good faith effort to get UH in the conference in order to reduce opposition to UT-Houston.)

We do know that OU desperately wants a Big 12 Network. We also know that UT is as happy as it can be with TLN and sees no need for a Big 12 Network.

So let’s say OU wants to influence UT to relent and allow a Big 12 Network. Is it possible … just possible … that OU may feign opposition to expansion even though OU actually wants it? I submit that OU is a rational actor, and that Boren is not “off his meds”.

About the longhorn network… maybe someone can fill me in there. I thought TLN was a failure for everyone involved… maybe that wasn’t correct. Maybe it’s just me and the fact that when they show longhorn games on there, they are replays of losses… or maybe that’s because those are the only options their hack teams give them anymore.

He is if he thinks that UT will give that up. That’s $30mil a year.

Yes, feigning opposition is a negotiating tactic. A good one. If the other guy knows you won’t or can’t walk away, prepare the vasoline.

But there are some asks that you should know are too big and outside negotiations.

It loses money for ESPN (or may break even this year) but is a cash cow to UT to about $30m a year.

I thought it was $15 m a year until 2030…

You’re right. $15.

ESPN is making 32 in gross, 2 in net revenue. It’s $30m in expenses.

Board of Regents at OU is anti-expansion which may be where these “leaks” are coming from. There’s a groundswell there that wants OU out of the Big 12 and in the SEC or B1G. Boren may be playing both sides at this point trying to keep everyone happy; remember he is a politician.

Thing is, that sentiment has been there awhile now and yet Boren was for exploring expansion opportunities. Again, a lot of reports and news out there right now, but none of it maybe true…a lot of agendas are being forced out into the open right now as Oct 17 draws near.

The only thing that matters in the end is how those 10 presidents vote in that board room that day.

Why is Boren the only one talking?

He’s trying to change the conversation.

In politics (where Boren comes from) you typically leak because you feel your position is losing ground, so you try to undermine the opposition. Further, Boren’s constant cheerleading for expansion forever put them in a bad negotiating spot, and this could be an effort to rectify that.