Bowl projections

I like the second list. Night and day.

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I would not be happy playing UTSA in Frisco. It is a bad matchup


I’m sick of playing CDOA level teams in bowls. The third biggest benefit of leaving the AAC


The Holiday Bowl is El Primo.

San Diego


I’ll update in a couple of weeks…. If we win the next two games it could get interesting.


I actually think Virginia would be quite decent opponent, but the Military Bowl doesn’t do it for me.


I don’t care as much about locale as opponent.

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Where is the Holiday Bowl played this year? San Diego State is playing their home games up here in LA at the soccer stadium in Carson.

It will be at Petco Park this year.

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Oooohhhhh. That’s a huge plus. Can stay downtown and walk to game. Qualcomm was not only a dump, it was in a boring location surrounded by nothing but parking and freeways.

Damn you really that afraid of utsa? Lol

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You think we could beat them? Lol

Yes, I do.


:shushing_face: I think we would beat them as well, but wanted to be snarky.


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I dont see why not based on how we’ve played lately. I guess that comeback win against a Memphis team that has been playing horrible football as of late scares everyone lol

I’m seeing a lot of Military Bowl projections for UH against various ACC teams.

A sprinkling of Birmingham and First Responder bowl projections.

I’d want no part of Coastal Carolina, UTSA or Florida Airport though Myrtle Beach or Boca would be nicer destinations than the others.

I just don’t want both the opponent and venue to both suck. One or other and I’ll be ok.

I’d kind of like to play UT-SA especially if they’re undefeated. I’d rather play LSU, aggy or whorn anywhere of course but whorn may not make it. :laughing:

Why would anyone say that? But, if we come in 7th in the B12, why would we deserve a premium bowl?

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