Brett Mcmurphy on Expansion


From most people who have a decent track record in these things, Houston and Cincy seem like the 2 that will get in. These same people have been saying that all along.

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He predicts UH and Cincy will be the 2 that get in.

The trouble is that when this year comes to an end, the Big12-4+2 will still be “interviewing” candidates; that is what they do - that is ALL THEY DO!

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McMurphy said it’s also a possibility that the TV networks pay off the Big 12 not to expand at all.

Hate to use the ole MasterpieceMystery/Sherlock analogy … but WHY would the Big12 be going through a Cecil B DeMille production with cast of thousands to interview everyone and the kitchen sink … it would be a total waste of time …

Maybe it would fuel the conspiracies theorists BUT the presidents are more conscious that time is $$$ and better spent running the school than putting on a Barney & Bailey circus performance JUST to fool the nation and taking the “don’t expand” $$$ and running and staying at 10

Besides Flugeville has already stated from his 3rd hand source that Bowlsby and Boren AREN’T buying the don’t expand offer from ESPN.

My understanding is that it will be difficult to round up eight votes to admit any new team. It just might be easier – even from the Big 12’s point of view – to take the money and run.

Look, I know that the Big 12 is serious about expanding. But the TV partners are serious about not spending money. Something has got to give. I have no clue what the final resolution will be, but it is foolish to dismiss the possibility that the existing Big 12 schools can’t be bought off. Everyone can be bought off.

thats not going to happen…

Well with some of those candidates … I wouldn’t take them to a bad movie much less admit them

The Big12 apparently made a commitment to expand BASED SOLELY from ESPN giving the ACC their network in '19 … just my guess but not difficult to unravel.

they were pretty much dead in water until ESPN committed to spending $$$ on that ACC network … I suspect this ESPN/Fox having no $$ may have come out earlier and the Big12 bought it but changed their mind when ESPN gave to the ACC and not them … BAD MISTAKE!!!

THIS GIVING $$$ for not expanding and going back on their original contract could well set a BAD PRECEDENT throughout the P5s and could well put ESPN on notice with all the P5s as being just as bad as those old corrupt American agents on those early native American reservations.

I have a slightly different take. The contract between the Big 12 and the TV partners is a BAD CONTRACT. I bet it will eventually become a case study in HBR. You will never see a contract that give such power to the conference ever again. The Big 12 may let the TV networks fix the problem now and amend the contract … for a price.

And as for what kicked off all this expansion talk, have we forgotten how it started? UT brass and elected officials in Texas came out and said that UH would be a good addition for the Big 12. Something about the UT-Houston campus, too. UT was dead set against expansion before, so it never happened. UT has its own network; UT doesn’t care about a Big 12 Network and much less about an ACC Network. UT blocked expansion for a long time … until UT could get something out of it.

Will they still do a CCG with 10 teams?

Regardless what started it …

The Big12 is expanding to 2 come hell or high water … but just doing it the HARD WAY with more chefs in the kitchen and some serious negotiations forecoming on who the final two will be … THAT will no doubt be the difficult part with the horns pulling their weight and wheeling and dealing to get their way.

They have come THIS FAR and created quite a stir for all America to see …

and to change their minds … well Its just too late for that.

It wasn’t that long ago that you were saying both the Big 12 and Fox wanted a four team expansion, so I guess we’re making progress.

I don’t know what will happen. The Big 12 wants to expand; the TV partners don’t. There is a solution out there where the Big 12 wins and the TV networks allow a two-team expansion - most likely with a reduced payout. There’s also a solution out there where the TV networks win and the Big 12 foregoes expansion for some kind of compensation.

Yepp I probably said a lot of things … but the scenery is changing faster than a Kardashian marriage/weight change.

It is also looking like a Abbott/Costello “who’s on first” classic.


There is a war between FOX and espn…Fox has more money and a willingness to use it…They want Big 12 expansion by 4…they are willing to pay…Espn reluctant? Whiny, petulant, and not as much money as usual?? Feel free to bow out of your contractual obligations and FOX will take the league, make it completely theirs, and stabilize it…I am sure that is FOXs thinking.
That is why some reporters persist in saying the Big 12 will add 4…ESPN is not a long term partner for Big 12…FOX is…If ESPN wishes to meet their contractual obligations, fine…If not, there is someone very eager to take their share…The Big 12 has the winning hand here…

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Fox has more money? I guess that is proof once again you really do not know what you are talking about. But you are right about their willingness to use their money. They sunk a lot into FS1 and are desperate to make that channel relevant. But they didn’t have enough $$ and strength to lock up the B1G and they don’t have the clout to do the same with the Big12 when it comes up for bid. Their only hope is that when GOR expires, UT and OU leave and they get to win a bid for a significantly less valuable Big12. Even then they will only get half because the schools and presidents want to be on channels that people actually watch

youre the one who doesnt know what he is talking about, bigD…Fox openly advocates expansion by 4, and wants new schools because they need programming and want to show those games…and adding new big 12 games will make any of their channels much more relevant, at least down here…

Of course they would love to add 4 because it they get to add 4 teams to their partial schedule without having to invest in them prior. They would get it on the cheap while ESPN would have to at least quadruple the rate they are paying current properties. But please show me where they are openly advocating adding 4.

no doubt everything is negotiable from both sides
0 teams, two teams, or 4 teams
If you were big 12, and thought you might get hauled into court for adding four teams, wouldn’t you want to show due diligence and cast a wide net of possible applicants and have a transparent process? That’s why there are so many teams being considered. And if you wanted 2, isn’t it better to start at 4. Even if your willing to settle for cash and no expansion, proposing four is the strongest move by the big 12.

I’m sure they’re tired of hearing about how great everyone else from the 10 and SEC are, but giving a big deal to the ACC then telling the big 12 to hold on is a sign of disrespect. I find most ACC games incredibly boring. Having TV execs from ESPN undermine the B12 while the b12 may be in possession of a signed expansion contract that appears to be enforceable in court is pulling a tigers tale.

Disney / ESPN is a bad company full of bad actors. The B12 is raising the ante, 4 teams -all in; 2 teams - see your rhetoric and raise you two

That conference looks DOA with or without expansion. They should just boot baylor and invite the Coogs and BYU.

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