Briles gonna Briles...talking Art again

Briles, the former Baylor coach who was fired in the wake of a sexual assault scandal at the university, and the Mount Vernon High School football team now may have to forfeit up to five games for using two ineligible players, according to Joe Hoyt of the Dallas Morning News.

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Briles was just a country boy that knew football. His undoing was his indifference to all things un-football. Personally I’m tired of hating Briles. I hope he looks deep inside while he’s back at the HS level and finds a way out of his self-imposed purgatory. He needs to be honest with himself or he’ll never be back at the college level.


FunkMasterMilluns +1. I agree with you, but I never want a Briles anywhere near The University of Houston. Keep that family away…far away.

“If they wanna talk, let 'em talk…like the man says, let’s put this $h%t on paper!” Art Briles circa 2006 (Bayou Bucket pregame speech).

Go Coogs. Peace.


Other than the ineligible coach on the field … I don’t see AB doing anything wrong but the school not properly checking all the transfers into the area.

Even with five losses and only one district loss Mt Vernon can still win the district and make it to the playoffs in 3AAA

AB STILL has a knack for winning EVEN IF HE IS STILL RADIOACTIVE and has everyone observing every single move he makes …

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Article this morning said UIL will not take away wins. Not his fault kids moved to the district to play for him. I find him o be like Gene Hackman in Hoosiers. I will always be thankful for what he started here.

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These were the records of my first 7 years as a Coog fan. Briles being Briles changed my outlook. He changed the way we were. Sure he left us for Baylor, and sure Sumlin left us for ATM, and sure Levine left us for Chik-Fil-a, and Herman left us for UT and Applewhite left us for Bama, but Briles in my opinion set the foundation for all of them to even enter our lives.



Remember when wrote a book called Beating Goliath: My Story of Football and Faith…lol

Some people just have dark clouds always hovering over them.

There is a very simple form and process for students who have transferred into a school before they can play It absolutely.

This is not about poor briles, it is about a lack of control and him thinking he can do whatever he wants.


Yes, there is a process, and they apparently followed that process; however, there are some agendas that gave rise to the complaint. The local decision will likely be overruled by the UIL because if those same transfers had happened last year to the previous coach, there wouldn’t have been an issue.

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Ah shucks, those rapes and stuff at Baylor was just boys bein’ boys. They didn’t mean any harm.


I know the system because I have worked and been a part of the system. The paper work must be submitted and you wait to have the eligibility approved. If there are any discrepancies there really is no room for the error. Either someone in the district office royally screwed up and prematurely granted the eligibility or Briles did not follow the process.

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I love what briles did for us, and I admire that he made Baylor a relative powerhouse compared to how bad they were.

But one bad event is one thing. A couple could be bad luck. But the string of negative issues around art start to lead to something more dire.


To me this sounds like sour grapes, a few 3A coaches in East Texas say, How did My. Vernon become so good in one year? The district has to look closer at transfers they already approved and changed their mind. You could say dark clouds have followed Art, since the Cotton Bowl where Yeoman has to tell him that his parents died on the road coming to Dallas. We lose in a heart breaker to ND and it has been downhill since. Art is a man of faith, he took the Baylor job because it was close to his ranch, a faith based school and more money. He did turn around our program cleanly before he left. He convinced Kolb to come here and the team was fun to watch. I have no hard feelings toward Art, he put on the Red and White for Yeoman, and if Yeoman likes him, that’s good enough for me.


Art is not perfect and neither is any other coach on this planet…that said, Briles came along at the right time and bailed out a Cougar football program on life support.
Regardless of what else happens, I believe he was the right man for this program…and oh yeah, Art thought enough of UH that he signed on with coach Yeoman as a quarterback from Rule…had he not had to go through the tragic death of his parents during the Cotton Bowl, he would have graduated from Houston…and one more thing, like him or not, Briles’ son is a UH grad…



The UIL has agreed with the school that forfeits were inappropriate, and the school is appealing the eligibility status that the district committee ruled on, in contradiction of a previous ruling.

This is more about grudges than processes.


And UH bailed him out of a RB assistant coaching position.

Mainly because he was highly recommended highly by one Bill Yeoman…but go on with your hate…he was a very successful high school coach before going to Tech…

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I thought you started at UH in 1996? You listed 2001or 2002 as your second year being a fan. (0 - 11)

Scratch…I see what you did.

Yeah, like you I witnessed more losses than wins and I graduated a few months before Briles first game.

You know when we hired him, I know message boards wasn’t advanced as they are now, but I remember someone questioning his character when UH hired him on a Stephenville message board years ago.