Good idea Major.


He’s so good. We all predicted once the results occurred his hiring would be universally positive among the fans.


Now let’s do what it takes to keep him.


I think that was already planned for when he was hired.

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Promote Briles when someone hires applewhite


Great idea, Chris Pezman!


He’s one of the top oc’s in the country period.

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At the rate Sumlin and Herman are, I doubt anyone will hire CMA lol.

Briles is more likely to get a HC gig at a P5 than CMA

So, from the CMA naysayers, does Applewhite get any credit for wanting to hire him from the get-go, or actually succeeding in hiring this year?


It depends on who called off the dogs today in the second half. It it was cma then definitely not. Applewhite said he would let briles be briles and if he stepped in then my little faith in applewhite is finally gone.

If briles lay off the gas then I am willing to give applewhite the benefit of the doubt in being beholden to who he pics to coach.

lets pray someone takes applewhite


The OCs job is to score and run plays.
The HC decides to kick or go for it on 4th.
And when to pull the first team and lay down.

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The HCs job is to ensure the team is ready for kickoff, and he sure as hell did that today.


I suspect the Coogs were called off today so that some players could get a little rest and other players could get some development time. It was the right call. We showed that we could just about score at will and shut down their offense when needed. Big picture is that our 1’s can play with just about anybody, there is a significant step down to the 2’s & 3’s. Have to give those guys the playing time to get better. We’ll need that experience before the year is over.


That will pay dividends in the future. Now we have film on our 2’s and there can be focused coaching on where improvement needs to happen. You coach, and then you see how they do with TSU.


But you don’t do it early in the 3rd quarter. You pull the starters in the 4th.


We were shutting out Tate all game and it was hot on the field. We didn’t know that would happen. He had the smarts to know it was gonna get bad quick and put then back in after resting 20 minutes. It was the right call.


I will grant that conventional wisdom agrees with you. What this proved was that as soon as the starters went back into the game, the O & D picked right up where the left off. The real question is whether CMA believed that might happen or whether it was a coaching mistake. Many will call it a mistake ( to them everything he does is wrong). I’ll wait until there is enough of a body of work to weigh in on his abilities as a head coach.


My friend and I left at the end of the 3rd quarter when we were up 38-3. The heat was just too much. For that reason alone I was somewhat ok with CMA pulling starters as early as he did. Although, if you’re going to pull them that early, I would have rather him pull the starters for a drive, then put them back in. Let the 1s and 2s alternate drives.

Applewhite gets a ton of credit from me today, and I consider myself a naysayer. He proved a lot with this win. The day Sumlin got hired by AZ this became a must win. Before that it was a Pac12 team that worst-case we go 1-1 with on a home and home.