Call your shot -- who's our next coach?

We’ve had about 3 days of discussion to go over it now. Who do you think UH will hire?

He recruited the young Defensive guys and next. 3rd ward D.


Lando was a traitor too :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kiffin, Orlando, Riley in no particular order.

I need to do some serious research, but the names that have been floated that are most intriguing to me so far are Orlando, Holgerson, Leach, Riley and Montgomery (in no particular order).


I know who I don’t want (Briles)
Otherwise, I’ll support whoever gets the job.


My two favorites are Leach and Orlando.
CTO has produces great defenses at every stop. He has done a good job here as well. His extra positives are that he can maintain the current culture that has done well here. That balances out the drawback of not being an HC before. He can just mimick the parts that he watched work first hand.
Leach has a history of being a great football coach. he has done it in two places that are traditionally not pootball powers and don’t have built in advantages. It would be interesting to see what he could do at a University with so much talent within a day’s drive.

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Philip Montgomery

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I don’t want someone this time to stay 2 and leave. All the young OC’s will do that.
I like Dana Holgerson coming from a P5 school back to Houston as my first choice
My second choice is Willy Fritz, now at Tulane. He had great success at Blinn JC, Sam Houston State and knows Texas recruiting. He runs high powered offenses and I think he is around 55 and may want this to be his last job.

I still think Orlando will wind up as DC at Texas.

If there’s any shot at conference expansion in the next 3-4 years, I would be more than willing to take a chance on a young OC. If we find the right guy and find our way into a P5, the timing could line up perfectly to create a juggernaut here.

I have to say that I think he is my pick after CTO and Leach.

Holgorsen or Leach would be incredible gets and would make the statement Tilman and the rest of us want. Honestly Applewhite excites me more than Orlando does and he’s probably much better connected in the state.

One dark horse, at least on staff, that no one is mentioning is Craig Naivar. He’s probably way down the list but has the energy i like and seems really well connected in-state like Applewhite.

You know what? You’ve convinced me. Let’s hire the Special Teams coach.


This came off of LSU’s OC search list on one of their boards.
I think one of these guys will be our next head coach…

  1. Eli Drinkwitz, NC State
  2. Major Applewhite, Houston
  3. Chip Lindsey, Arizona State
  4. Jake Spavital, Cal
  5. Tee Martin, USC
  6. Mike Bloomgren, Stanford
  7. Tony Elliott and Jeff Scott, Clemson
  8. Sterlin Gilbert, Texas
  9. Ed Warinner, Ohio State
  10. Joe Moorhead, Penn State
  11. Sonny Cumbie, TCU
  12. Tim Drevno, Michigan
  13. Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma
  14. Mike Sanford, Notre Dame
  15. Lane Kiffin, Alabama

Names that caught my eye:

Eli Drinkwitz, NC State

  • Matt Canada at Pitt was fired from NC State and they hired this guy. NC State’s offense was more than productive this season with much less talent than Pitt. I don’t know much about this guy, but Canada did a good job at Pitt and NC State liked this guy more. Might be surprising to see him on this list but there must be a reason. Not coming to LSU but he seems to have a bright future in front of him.

Major Applewhite

  • Would be interesting if LSU didn’t get Herman but hired his OC. Of course, he’s also from Baton Rouge. I’d imagine LSU is fully aware of him I read he is involved in some UT lawsuit that makes it difficult for him to follow Herman there. If Houston doesn’t hire him- - does LSU go after him?

Tee Martin

  • Would he want to return to SEC country? He also makes me wonder what kind of OC Dameyune Craig would make.

Sterlin Gilbert

  • Texas had its ups and downs on offense this year. Would be an interesting name to be associated with the LSU job though.

Any of the Clemson coaches sound interesting. They had a nice 2 year run and have been recruiting real good there lately.

Les Miles HC, John Jenkins OC and Orlando DC


Major Applewhite… No I’m not kidding. Not my first choice, but the person I think will get the job.

Has KC Keeler’s name come up? He’s done a terrific job at Sam Houston State, knows the area, seems to connect with his players. I’d like to see him at least get an interview if he’s interested.

btw…check his record here on his SHSU bio page. He’s been a winner every place he’s been including national championships at several levels. The more I read about him the more interested I get in him as a candidate.

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I thought Washington was the ST coach? Regardless its a moot point, Naivar is joining Herm from what Duarte tweeted out.