Cameron Tyson

The Seattle transfer from UH is doing well, with 15.7 ppg and 5.5 rpg for his new team.

Seattle is projected over NMSU for an auto-bid from the WAC and is a 14-seed in the West in Joe Lunardi’s mock bracket, so maybe we’ll be seeing him this March.


I’ve been watching him. He had 9 threes a couple of games ago.


He has done well, very happy for him……NMSU will be a tough out.

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He’s an explosive scorer. Too bad he couldn’t get any playing time here. Who remembers his 31 point outburst against Tulane?


Trolling on Monday, huh

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Seattle hosts NM State tonight. Let’s see if they can win. They got bombed in Las Cruces.

Seattle has played 3 games vs top 100 NET teams and lost by a combined 53.


If he had stayed he would be getting plenty of PT


Im happy for Cam.

Good player, just kinda didn’t fit our system.

Gotta be able to defend well to get minutes here.

And out of the guards we had last year:


He was our weakest defender.

They got a shot at the tournament. NMSU is probably the favorite with Nebraska transfer Teddy Allen. But Seattle U has a chance


Good for him…I liked him a lot…great kid but just didn’t fit

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Of course he’d be getting more time now, but going into the season whose minutes was he going to get?


Seattle lost at home by 13. Tyson 1-12.

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Exactly…… of course he would be playing right now if he was still here but 72 is 100% correct.
Without the injuries he would not have seen much time.
The kid put himself in a much better position and has done really well.


Even now he wouldn’t be getting that many minutes, but probably some like 3-5 min a half

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Walker is a WAY BETTER defender than Tyson… We could’ve used him when teams switched to zone, though… Hope we see him in March.

I hold no ill will towards Tyson but I don’t remember him scoring a meaningful point for us.(sure he was great at meaningless points). I take that to mean that coach didn’t see him as a meaningful contributor. I believe coach is a better judge of basketball capability than basically anyone. If Cam were still on this team that would mean coach failed to find a player he wanted.

I am following Cam at Seattle and wishing him well.


My sentiments as well.

Cam Tyson>>>Antoine Davis

Told y’all he can played.

How many shot attempts? Lol

Nah, Cams a good player.

I think hes averaging 20 shot attempts right now

the more attempts would actually be good at 56% fg%… more attempts are only bad on bad percentages… have high percentages on on high volume is a great thing

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