Can we have a frank conversation about recruiting

Anybody that has any eye for football can see we just don’t have the players. Both Tech and Kansas have bigger and stronger dudes. They just do.

Right now in the new Big 12 we would be dead last in terms of the quality of the players. Think about that, we are the WORST team in our new conference.

The reality is we just aren’t recruiting very well. We try to wrap ourselves up in the blanket of “but but we are gettting transfers, who were highly rated high school recruits, doesn’t count for something?” Hell no it doesn’t count for anything we are supplementing our poor high school recruiting with guys that were buried on their other team’s depth chart. There are a reason these other guys weren’t playing. The reason we suck is that we aren’t bring in good players.

The Holgy experience just isn’t working. It just isn’t. I don’t know what his and his staff’s relationship is with the High School coaches but honestly it can’t be any good.


Holgorsen isn’t going anywhere. We finished 17th last year and went 12-2. Now, if we go 5-6 this year and start next season 1-3 or 0-4 I can see someone stepping in and saying we’re going in the wrong direction. But even then he’d probably survive til near the end of the season. Our best hope is that he figures this year’s team out. His performance in the B12 will determine if he retires here or is replaced.

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He may not be going anywhere, but for all the talk of bad culture and boring X’s and O’s we simply don’t have the Jimmies and Joes. We will not win a game in the Big 12 at our current talent level and Holgy has had four years to revamp the talent. Ok we might win one or may be two but we are finishing last.


That’s basically what I said without the prediction. I’m talking about the likelihood and timing of him being replaced.

I don’t know what happens from here on out but I doubt with the utmost conviction that he won’t be replaced until he coaches at least half a season in the B12.

Your right he’s not going anywhere, where at a critical juncture entry into the B12.

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We are undersized for sure going into the Big 12, all three teams we played looked bigger yes even UTSA they had some big boys

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Where are you getting this? Team composite rankings have us ahead of Iowa State, Kansas State, and Kansas.


Well, we always say Texas does less with more. ATM does less with more. Either we are wrong with our recruiting process or development isn’t happening. Both are on the culture and coaches.

We had 2 transfer portal guys fight on the sideline. Damn near every player on the roster is Dana’s and his staff. His qb. His oline. His wide recievers. His everything.

So is he evaluating wrong or is he coaching wrong? Both are inexcusable.

Kansas coach has 1 recruiting class. He is playing with a culture of losing for 13 years. He has scraps. But Kansas was bought in and having fun. Maybe he needs 4 recruiting classes before he is at Dana’s level.

But he will probably be coaching somewhere else by year 4, and Dana is a keeper.


We need to tell Dana to not let the door knob hit you on your way out, where the good lord split you.

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Tune is an Applewhite recruit but everybody else starting on offense are his players.

CDH basically admitted this in his post game press conf last night. He said we need better players to win, especially in the B12. I agree with that, but 1.) it’s his job to get better players (he’s in year 4 not year 1), and 2.) I can’t believe he’d say that publicly. It’s like he’s saying, “yeah we’ll win once we get better players.” It’s totally throwing the current team under the bus.


Playcalling is ass

That’s the problem


If we take 2 backups from a Texas online that’s starting freshman, tells you what you need to know

The big diff was their qb running fit tds and 30 yards on qb designed runs. Ward beat OU and they were prob saying damm what happened? It was ward and Ed, but a lot of ward.

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It was Bowser, Adams, Ward, King, Ed, Catalon, Davis, Taylor, Wilson, Egbule, Taylor, Hines, Johnson, Wilson, Smith, Fleming,

Do I go on? Half those guys made it on a Sunday roster m

Thanks to mister Chic-Fil-A


i dont think you can blame talent… kansas recruits worse than us…

and we looked better than texas tech when we played them, we just ran some terrible prevent defense…

we arent bama but saying talent is over simplifiying a complicated issue…

  1. i think the offensive system is bad…its just not a good offense beyond the players

  2. Holgorsen is stubborn and stuck in his ways … he sticks with his methods and choices all the way through, he wont change it just make excuses, and notes itll get better

  3. we could have easily beat tech in regulation or overtime with 1 stop

  4. Belks overaggressive “sack ave” defense is weak against qbs who can scramble, horrendous USF was scoring all over us with its scrambling qb last year. usf doesnt have more talent

i didnt see 2 teams that were talented than us…


Going to do more damage to the program and lose more of the fan base if they dont. Which sucks because the program will lose all the momentum they have going into the Big 12 next year; something SMU or Memphis would killed for to name a few. Expect under 15k fans on the stands then.

Job looks really attractive right now for the right coach to be hired by season’s end.

Duh! :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:

Did App Stare out recruit A&M?
I know the recruits matter but its an excuse.


I think CFB has more of a parity talent wise this year. Coaching matters more than ever.