Can we start Big XII play next year?

If the 27-month buyout is $10 million and we could possibly get $20 million more per year in Big XII media rights, shouldn’t be be OK with spending $20-25 million and buying out way out of the AAC right away? We’d still come ahead in 2022-23.

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I would think so. B12 could subsidize our exit to be recovered over time with reduced pay outs also.

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We are not ready, we will get our asses kicked, I prefer 2023


Agree. We aren’t ready yet. We need to get rid of our coach, hire a new staff, plus pay exit fees. We’re strapped!

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I would be ok with getting our asses kicked for 2-3x revenue tbh


you dont get full tv shares when you first join a conference…most conferences also have entrance fees…
i dont see a reason why we’d rush to spend 10-15 mil extra to leave early… if we are willing to spend that amount use it on danas buyout


This is what I’ve been saying…whether you are TU or UH, you have greater revenue checks going INTO your left pocket, and lower exit fee checks going OUT OF your right pocket…
And ESPN is the Bank, Money Changer and Croupier…

So I still think it might be 2022…

We will struggled first 2-3 years regardless. It’s no longer our best 22 against their 22 on football field. We have to built depths to compete long term and it not just football but other sports as well. Basketball will be fine.

Let’s get this party started ASAP. We’ve waited a long time. Let’s buckle up our chin straps and go!!

This guy says AAC bracing for it.

At the 1 minute 26second mark, the guy said, " That AD in question seems to believe … " So, that let’s us know that his source “connected to the AAC” is an AD which carries much more weight than some schmuck that heard something from someone.

Very interesting.

Seems like we want to start play in the Big12 next year if possible so we can be in a better position if there’s a second round of realignment coming up in the next few years( even if we struggle in football). Would also help recruiting.


I seem to recall that UH promised not to reseat sEason ticket holders at TDECU for 10 years after the stadium opened in 2014.

Does that mean UH will re-seat the stadium shortly after UH joins the Big 12?

Follow up question… What would drive priority for seats in a “re-seat”?

New stadium pledge to help with expansion? Currently luxury seat holders (except for Section 129) had to pledge $10,000 to the stadium fund.

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How much you gave in buying out CDH contract? :wink: :thinking: :expressionless: :nerd_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :nerd_face:

If UH tried to reseat TDECU there would be an outcry you wouldn’t believe. Remember what happened when Dempsey implemented the $100 per seat surcharge to get field and mezzanine seats in the dome? UH fans are just cheap.

I love my seats in section 228 chairbacks, but am paying all I think I can since I retired. However, if a reseat bumped me out because someone else will fill them and UH gets more money, I will just move elsewhere that I can afford. There aren’t any bad seats in TDECU, but I really don’t want to have to climb to the top of the stadium.


Minus texas and ou did any big 12 team look really good last week? We lost because of coaching and horrible mistakes. I dont see any issue movi g to the big 12 early and getting a year under our belt.

So do we believe some guy thst is promoting his podcast for KSU Sports or BIG12 Writers that have direct connections to the inside of BIG12 Admin. Not saying which is bettrr but for now I’m going w the same 2 thst have been very consistent n what they have reported so far. Every step they say is abt to happen has happened in same time line. So I’m going to stay the course n see what they announce after BIG12 Presidents meet on Friday.

Edit: btw I keep all the schmucks off my time-line. There’s alot of them.

I’m all for starting play in the Big 12 as soon as possible…as long as the increased buyout (due to the early exit penalty) to the AAC isn’t totally unreasonable.

When the dollars vs time is worked out by attorneys, that’s when we will start play. Nobody wants to linger, and the conferences are ready to move on from the defectors. This time the money is huge for Texas and OU to exit, so getting to an agreement will not be easy.

BMDs probably don’t want to spend on something that doesn’t have their name on it. No doubt Texas and OU could raise most of the exit fees and walk, but that’s asking a lot from your donors if somebody isn’t bleeding out on the floor. If ESPN and Fox think an early exit is a good idea, a way will be found.

In the end, nobody knows.