Case to the Jets?

Rodgers could be out for a while with nothing behind him.

Texans have two back up quarterbacks and have been waiting for a trade offer for one of them.

Advantage Texans.

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Trade Mills


Dang, NYC is jinxed. I feel bad for Jets fans…


They just won…great game. Kid from Stephen Austin ran punt return for TD


Definitely could see it happening. Hopefully, they want Mills because Case is better than him anyway.


The legend of Case Keenum moves to the largest media market in the U.S. I like it. Would be great for Case and UH. Better team and what exposure!

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Case = Fitzpatrick 2.0

Journeyman QB that will end up on all NFL teams


Keenum mentioned as a possibility in this story (they call him essentially a player-coach for the Texans). Along with some crazy other possibilities for guys coming out of retirement (Tom Brady?).

I don’t know how it would be better for Case to have to live in that hell hole.


Don’t live in the city. Live in the burbs, like Westchester County.

Better team than what Case is on, could pickup a playoff check with the Jets, and everyone loves the backup QB. Being in NY, Case’s legend only grows.

What’s not to like?

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High cost of living, high state income tax, high crime rate, and crowded city are a few things that come to mind. His rate is set by his current contract and he would take a financial hit due to higher cost of housing and taxes. Plus there is the hassle of moving his family again.


Houston is way more dangerous than NY. It’s not even close. New FBI stats are out, Houston ranks 19th most dangerous. NYC isn’t even listed in top 100. The Deep South is easily the most dangerous place in the US.


lol…at the narrow minded Houston sunshine pumpers that think Houston is better than in NYC without understanding the comparables.

People from other countries/states rarely plan their whole vacation around sight seeing around charming Houston for a week…that is common for visitors to NYC.

Even Houstonians don’t sight see around Houston…and for the Houston area suburbanites…they come in and get OUT of Houston as quickly as possible.


Northern NJ has a lot of nice areas. Maybe he could lease Tony Soprano’s old casa


I don’t think the Jets believe they have any better options than Zach Wilson.

Tell me you haven’t spent much time in NYC without telling me you haven’t spent much time in NYC


NYC is awesome……I love that place….been in the summer, fall and winter….winter time there is beautiful….the snow, the lights, etc.
My kids and wife did the New Years Eve thing a one year….I watched from the Airbnb in Manhattan….
Been to a Yankee game, Broadway shows, movie sets, Central Park, etc.
Stayed at an Airbnb in Oyster Bay one fall, just beautiful……didn’t want to leave.
I could go on and on….wonderful city.


Yep pretty much. Also on the higher costs of living and taxes. Case is borderline if not fully there at generational wealth. People with that type of money these are inconveniences not deal breakers.

Now moving the family again or going to live in New York for the season, yeah that sucks. But it’s the life he has chosen to this point.


Agreed I’ve been a few times it’s always been a great visit. Deservedly among the world’s great cities.

Would it be first choice to move my family there permanently? Probably not, but you wouldn’t have to put a gun to my head about it either. Unlike say any state on the Gulf Coast between Texas and Georgia.

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How many people say this about a visit to Houston…or even plan a charming visit to Houston for non business/sports/family reasons?..almost none!