Case to the Jets?

Cops seem OK with we Native Americans… they probably just can’t tell.

Small town cops are suspect. A few years back, while returning from Spring, Texas about 12:30 AM on the 5th of July, I entered our home town. I deliberately drove 5 mph under the speed limit, as is my habit. There were several cop cars at a local beer joint, all preparing to leave. One of them sped out of the parking lot and pulled me over. After running a full inspection of my vehicle and paper work, he told me he pulled me over because my license plate light was out, but he would give me a pass on the violation. After driving the 5 or 6 blocks to the house, I checked and the light was working just fine. I called the police station and I raised cane. Told them I did not want a stop on my record. Finally, I insisted the office come by the house. After him-hawing around, he told me “Maybe you hit a bump and the light came back on”. I explained I only drove about 5 or 6 blocks. He then told me that the light was not “bright” enough. When I spoke to the mayor about it, I was told to suck it up because if not, the cops would spend the rest of their lives making my life miserable . . . . . Love living in a small town.


Yea, that kind of town kinda sucks… and it is not necessarily the whole small town experience.

Any one or more branch of city admin can suck while others are great. In West Columbia I remember some very, very bad police, some bad city managers.

I have a few old police stories that are of the small town nature, good and bad.
Some towns (mine included) act like the only source of income fort he city is driver ticket.

I always heard Louisiana was bad

Diboll… don’t even ask. Didn’t Manvel fore their entire PD a decade or three ago?

One of the shows like “60 Minutes” did an expose on Louisiana years ago. Had hidden cameras all over their vehicle and caught the popo lying . . . . . put it all on National TV.

Also, years ago, Beasley and/or Kendleton were keeping all of the money from tickets written out on 59 and not turning any of it over to the State. State shut them down.

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Seems that lots of cops get run out of one city and into a small city.

I KNOW that sucks. Some never learn and improve themselves, just move to another small town where they can be the big bad dog.

My grandpa was the mayor of Silver Creek, Mississippi and they had no police force and depended on sheriff deputies. On the 1st Monday of every month the deputy was raid a local bootlegger and confiscate several jugs of white lightning and would give some to my grandpa. I asked him why didn’t they just bust the still and arrest the guy. Grandpa replied, “You want me to be re-elected don’t you?”

Grandma said there were 49 men in Silver Creek and 48 of them were the town drunk and it was a dry state. Grandpa also had the Silver Creek Cafe and a brick company.


Some of history is just plain cool!