Case to the Jets?

I’ve never heard a European say NYC has charm! :laughing:

Does the Vegas strip also have charm?

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At the age of 36, Case is nearing the end of his career, so it wouldn’t surprise me that the Texans will be his last stop. He’s under contract to the Texans for 2 years.

He’s a family man with close personal ties to the city. It’ll be interesting to learn of his future plans.


No, The Warriors took out the Baseball Furys years ago. :joy:

Quit trying to make it political.

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Have you been around a lot of Europeans? And if so did you ask them their feelings on NYC?

Then comparing it to Vegas strip?


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Plus we all know The Grifs actually run the show.

Unrelated to the actual thing. But I’ve said it before I’ll say it again. The Warriors is an absolutely criminally underrated movie.


Case has had 2 or 3 bad concussions already, one at UH and 2 in the NFL. He will be better off long term to be a backup.


All I know is that many Europeans walk around wearing Yankees caps. Many of them bought it on their trip to NYC.

All other MLB teams are invisible to Europeans.

Please tell me how in the hell that’s is political. You are looking for something that isn’t there.


Man the Jets are Ridin with Wilson!!

To paraphrase Peanuts - “Of all the Jets in the world, the NY Jets are the Jetsiest”.

These dudes would step on a rake in the ocean.

One of my faves….still have main song as a ringtone….every now and then when it rings I’ll get acknowledgment from a fellow fan….lol

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Just to hijack this a little bit more, the Boppers call out with the DJ and “Nowhere to Run” throwback in John Wick 4, chef’s kiss.

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Its not

Thomas Magnum does a fine job running NYPD . . . . .

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BS. Magnum is a toady. Higgins is running the show.


Bless your hearts!


Is that even english…lol

It’s Texan. We live in Texas, not England.


I have ran into quite a few a-hole cops. Maybe it’s a black and white issue.

In. :roll_eyes: