Cedric Alley transferring?

Handwriting was on the wall. Ced played the least of all the shipped players not redshirting. Justin Gorham was the next least and he had almost twice as many minutes 391 - 206. Next season Roberts and incoming frosh Mark are added to the mix for possible wing forward minutes. Add to that the NCAA likely makes this a one year no sit out rule for transfers due to COVID19 and this was the year to do it. Of course that would make an incoming BIG immediately eligible for UH as well.

It would be cool if he ended up at a spot like UT-Arlington or UNT. I would go support him.


The very best of success to Cedrick, who gave it his all every time he stepped on the court, was the consummate teammate, and represented our university with class.

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His defensive intensity was outstanding. I watched him come in to the game in the second half and shut down a hot shooting opponent more than once. Good Luck Cedric!


Loved this guys intensity, a true Cougar. Best wishes to a fine young man!

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so how does this work do we think?

did Ced see the writing on the wall? or do we think the coaching staff talked to him about it?


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Yup. Just an honest conversation. And Ced understood. He’s a bright kid. Who has an even brighter future.


Why not TSU?

There must be some unwritten rule on why you don’t see more transfers there if UH doesn’t work out - especially since basketball over there is played at a high level. You see other local transfers come back but not us.

A guy like him would fit in well on paper

I don’t consider the Basketball played at TSU or SWAC in general being played at a high level.


Bittersweet for sure one of his games I remember that stood out was when we played at byu the previous year…hes a great kid and I wish him nothing but the utmost success going forward.

Every once in a while they come up with competitive teams and surprise some teams early in the year, but in general I agree…SFA or Sam, or UTA, along with many more selections would be better IMO…

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Looking forward to seeing where he ends up and will be pulling for him. Seems like a good young man.

If he wanted to stay in town, Rice could be a good option for his life after basketball.

That was my point. I was going to say the Southland Conf is more competitive but you said it for me. I’m hoping he goes to SHSU if they have room. His parents are big supporters (i sat close to them in 18/19 season) and being they are in Klein area they could make all the games in Huntsville easily.


It appears that the NCAA will grant at least a one year no sit out rule for transfers,
He can likely transfer anywhere he wants and be immediately eligible, which is great for him because he already redshirted at UH. This is important for UH this transfer season as well. I truly believe that Sampson believes this can be a special team. One that COULD give him a chance at the final 4 and better! A big that can help would surely make this even more a possibility. I believe he is looking to add, IF possible, a big that can play immediately , and possibly make that a reality. He can see that we likely lose many players AFTER this season. Hinton and grimes along with the seniors to be. THIS is the season to go for it.

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why go to no man’s land - outside of SFA the rest of the Southland ain’t high level in basketball.

He’s a Houston kid so surely playing at TSU or Prairie View (the last few winners) would be more enticing at this point considering their both on the upswing and closest to his family.

But there is some type of unwritten rule why more folks don’t make the jump when other Power 5 transfers have done so.

I just want to see the man play at a high level and not waste into oblivion with the other 500 transfers

Neither the SWAC nor the Southland are “high level” basketball.

Neither are “enticing” in that regard.

He needs to play - Bottom line

Or he can go to rice which is probably the 4th best program in the city since it’s at a higher level lol

Without AAU this summer most likely it may help slow down the portal as one weekend high school wonders aren’t going to get offers from higher level schools.

It was so much purer in the 80s when you had to get out and really recruit

If he wasn’t going to have his scholly renewed (pretty likely) I think that also makes it pretty easy to get a waiver for immediate eligibility, even if they don’t change the transfer rule. You know the staff is going to do whatever they can to help with that process. Since he’s in good academic standing I think it should be pretty easy for him to get one.

Agreed that I really hope he doesn’t have to sit since he already used his redshirt year.

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