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Hmmm . . . looks like blue is moving to Texas.

Not everyone in a blue state is blue.

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They are leaving because of taxes. It is why SALT is such a major negotiating point with the politicians from California, New York as it pertains to the infrastructure bilk. I

Nope, we would more detailed breakdown to determine political shifts. But simply put, under 45, college educated, city or inner suburb dwelling, not even factoring race… If the migrant checks at least one probably blue, more than one it’s almost definite.

Over 45, not college educated, exburb or rural living save thing on the other side check one of these boxes probably red more than one it’s almost definite.

The only thing turning blue in Texas is you when you hold your breath waiting for Texas to turn blue.

I don’t know why anyone would want to turn Texas blue. Having a Florida/Texas v New York/California, gives the good people of the United States two different versions of America. It gives them a choice and the people can vote with their feet and the businesses can vote with their Uhauls.

I personally hope California becomes bluer. I hope they enact even more regulations, I hope they increase taxes to pay for all this good governance. I love it when California becomes more California. I hope New York and their Governor…ok I won’t go there, this is a family fan site.

I love me some California though. I don’t know what the darkest blue in the crayola box is, but I want California to turn that color.

People have been leaving AND moving to California and New York for decades.

It’s part of the life cycle of an area reaching saturation…

Also, has it ever dawned on you that California’s strategy is contained growth to prevent rapid population increase and housing shortages . They may actually WANT to increase taxes to provide improved infrastructure and services for those that stay. And those that leave…it was by design all along to weed out those people.

Also, Texas is about a decade or two from having to address their systematic approach of very low infrastructure investment/ low taxes. The more population we add, the quicker we will get to a point of having an overstretched infrastructure (flooding, mass power outtages, traffic grid lock, deteriorating streets and services, over populated schools, etc. Are just some examples).

Just as in football offensive styles, states have Pro Growth/ low taxes / low infrastructure or Controlled Growth/ rising taxes/ improved infrastructure…the Defense is what happens to make them shift their strategy.

I’ve been saying this for a while, Texas is closer to Purple then many want to believe. Our far right elected officials are just an illusion to that fact.

I don’t know why you feel like we are arguing. You want California blue. I want California blue.

I want California to be the shinning beacon on the hill for all big government leftists everywhere. I want them to view California as their homeland. I wish they all could be California (I hear a single in that). I want them to do what they want to do. If they want to turn it into Bulgaria circa 1975 just with a better tan, I say they should.

I just don’t know why people don’t want to have a choice of Texas v California. Everyone likes having choices. I mean except the Russian and Chinese governments, they pretty much try to squash choice and opposition and free speech. But I digress.

But if we have choice, people can choose. I don’t want to try to change California. I love California just for being California.

Yet you ignore the fact more people live in California than Texas, they have a bigger economy than Texas, and their cities have better infrastructure than the cities in Texas.

Something must have gone right…they just now need to reel in some of their far left disaster polices.

Those quality of Life issues have a value to people living in California. There is a reason why beachfront property in Malibu is among the most expensive, most desired, real estate in the US and well…beachfront property in Galveston…is not.

And don’t forget super conservative Reagan came from your so called " shining beacon of leftism"

Texas is just 30-40 years behind California…just watch.

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Anybody who thinks California has better infrastructure has never driven the freeways around Los Angeles. Power outages? We had a bad one and it needs to be fixed. They have them all the time.

But again, I am not here to bury California, I am here to praise her. I want California to be all that it can be.

CA doesn’t have power outages all the time.


I’ve been to California many times. They have mass transit, they have better roads, they have more planning regulations which equate to more aesthetically appealing cities and cleaner beaches and nature areas.

I’m not trying to bash Texas and praise California, I’m trying to prove the point that California in the 70s was Texas if today…they had to move left to control growth and counter. Remember…they produced Reagan!

I just fear Texas is on a disastrous path with their "endless growth/ low taxes/ no to low infrastructure " approach…its a recipe for disaster and we will have to pay dearly for it. It looks good today but we are screwing future generations

Also, I’d really be interested in comparing Houston with other anchor cities of a metro of 7million plus. Maybe once you understand the amenities provided in that class of city, you’ll understand the disparity in city infrastructure here.

I had no problem taking mass transit from the airport to downtown San Francisco. You can’t do that in Houston.

Gee, I’ve been to CA many times. The gasoline prices and real estate costs there are outrageously high…higher than the balls on a giraffe. I’m also not a fan of state income taxes. Hey listen. I like Monterey and Carmel, that area is beautiful, but there are plenty of good reasons to want to live elsewhere.

I wouldn’t want to live in CA, for the reasons mentioned above, and I say that as someone who has lived, worked, and studied all over the country (including Alaska and Hawaii) and all over the world, so it’s not as if I haven’t seen plenty of other places, and can’t compare them.

Give me TX any day.

TEXAS forever!!!

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Texas always scores very high on infrastructure:

We have terrific infrastructure. What we have is a very practical infrastructure system.

Because of the unique nature of Texas’ size, we have to spend the money on roads. We have almost double what California has:

If California’s problem was just economic that wouldn’t be so bad. The real problem is cultural. In California you’ll see them rename schools named after George Washington or Abraham Lincoln. They’ll push ideas on kids that there’s more than 2 genders. They’ll decriminalize drug use (for heroin, meth) and wonder why there’s thousands of homeless in tents on their streets. You can say those are just random examples, but I could name many others, of the ideas that are pushed by “Blue” California

California was blessed with great weather and great beaches, but is being ruined by bad policies. I would like to the see the data on who’s moving into California. If you’re a middle class family, making less than 100K, how can you afford to live in California? You’re probably leaving the state or in poverty

But as California goes, so goes the country. The ideas start there and spread. Aren’t Facebook, Google, Twitter located there :thinking:

Well don’t forget wages are higher in California too. The same job in California pays more than that job in Texas. But I know plenty of people who aren’t rich that live in Cali. Cost of living is spiking in Texas so we are catching up. Our big question is will wages keep up with cost of living and how will we deal with property values skyrocketing and taxing the middle class to death (3x tax rate than Cali).

I would be fine with a state tax for families making over a million a year, maybe even a small percentage over 500k. You could use that money to cut property taxes and help the middle class. Who on here is opposed to that and why? Keep some of the business incentives (and help out real small businesses and entrepreneurs more) but stop slutting ourselves out so much to companies who only bring low wage jobs. Then finally let me buy alcohol on Sundays and legalize some casinos to bring in money (or mainly stop money from going to OK/LA). Stop being a nanny state to our people’s freedoms.

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I agree with adding casinos, online gambling, etc. to Texas. That’s one of the only things that I consider to be “lame” about this state.

I also want liquor stores to be open on Sundays.

But just say NO to state income taxes.

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What’s the solution to lower property taxes? The one main thing we always see is to raise sales tax (we already have high sales tax here). Taxes go up every year for the middle class and cost of living goes up for renters. We will be above California soon with what the average person is getting taxed.

I used have that moron Tom Delay. I get redistricted and can’t believe I could do worse. I now have Al Green. There are heads of cabbage with higher IQs than Green

Yep…we are just 30 years behind California. Their problems will soon be ours but on a bigger scale unless we find solutions.

Growth is good but unchecked sprawling growth, to make a quick buck, will create problems in the future.

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