Centennial Transformation Presentation 1/23/24

Is there a link, email address, or web page for comments ?
I’m looking, but not finding it :frowning:.

They showed one at the end of the slideshow. Hmm.

Wby haven’t they released a link to thr presentation so people can share it on social media.

That should have been available right after it concluded.

They were recording it!

I was actually thinking of a new tradition using our ICONIC fountain.

Students, upon graduation, drop a customized sailboat in the fountain.

The sailboats would all be the same but Students would be allowed to creatively decorate theirs in honor of their chapter at the University of Houston.

Thr school would keep them there for a few weeks then remove them and repeat with the next graduating class.

We need to start thinking of ways to creatively form a life long bond with the University of Houston.

Little things like that go a looooooong way

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No to taking the fountains away.

How cool would it be to do commencement there and at the end of it everyone jumps into the fountains in front of them.

Do not take the fountains away


Yes and back in the day if a Frat boy got engaged he got thrown in the fountain by his Brothers. I saw it happen personally. several times .
Go Coogs !


Since I can’t find a way to provide input to the Centennial planning committee,
perhaps if you have concerns as well, you can send an email to the office of the president.




I think those are the emails you want.

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Yeah let’s tell them not to tear down the iconic fountains. We need all the tradition we can save

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I’m ok with them redoing the fountain, but I agree the concept for the new one is small and uninspiring. It seems they prioritize the lawn space there. The concept renderings are little busy imo and I’m not sure how I feel about removing the median on University Drive in favor of a single two lane road that doesn’t seem to be centered on the Cullen building anyway. But I’m not in that business, so I’ll trust the end result will be a significant improvement over what currently exists. It appears they are putting enough resources behind the project.

I also wanted to ask them if they plan to clean up and optimize the footpaths around campus. As they sit, campus looks cluttered with them. They look arbitrarily placed and with different materials over the years. Maybe that’s something that could be addressed over time as each part of campus is touched by new projects, but I think that would significantly increase the aesthetics and feel around campus.

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Yeah, the PGH pathway on east side is classic example. In my day it was the C&O building and originally had a matching pour of pebble concrete. But wait ! It was determined the slope was too
great per some federal standard and they immediately ripped it out and replaced it with plain white
concrete of proper slope. :face_with_peeking_eye:

And due to Houston’s shifting soil, rain, and heat it’s not uncommon for sidewalks to become raised, tilted, or sunken. The cheap fix was to just throw blacktop in to fill in the problem area and never
care about the look.

A better solution would be use of pavers or cobblestones that can be reseated as the ground shifts. The stones are mostly reusable and can maintain the appearance.

And I’m not confident just because we are paying $$$ for an aesthetics plan we will get a good outcome unless the design team is given input on what is out of bounds for redesign.

Still no link to the present…hmmm…

Yes they do. Plus lots of tables chairs and benches for people to gather outside.

Got a response from presidents office and centennial email that was posted above.

thank you for reaching out – we are documenting your feedback which will be shared. None of the plans are at all final, so please be assured of that – and we are conveying all of the feedback about the beloved fountains!

Please let others know that we wish to hear feedback about the Centennial Project and/or public art – feel free to reach out here.


Please write and submit your comments on what happens next.


I also got a response from her that the town hall will be posted at some point and they will send an announcement.


Nah, I say tear down the fountains. The new water fountain would be just fine for photos as well. That big pool fountain that is currently there takes up so much space and is a waste. I think the renderings look great and it would be good to have more gathering space in a centralized location, especially for game days.

Tear them down and put green space, please.



Just make sure whoever designs it didn’t have anything to do with the monstrosity of a pond by the architecture building.

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