Centennial Transformation Presentation 1/23/24

You don’t dig the natural look of when Houston was swampy?

That…pond is a mess.

From what I took away from the presentation, they very much are going for the forested look
in the heart of the campus. With little tables and chairs everywhere because Houston has
such a pleasant climate that beckons you to be outside year around with mosquitoes. And once the seating and tables get covered in bird poop in say about a week, it’s even more desirable.

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I disagree. I enjoy how natural they made it look, even though it is filtered and circulated very well.

The pile of rocks with the waterfall, banana trees, the amorphic layout, the bridge to nowhere, did they get Perry Homes to do the design?

Well, that bridge is super wobbly now too. Kind of an adventure.

Eh. The turtles and frogs seem happy enough in it, and that’s all I really care about.

The travesty is that it’s right next to the Architecture building. Couldn’t they have had a competition to design it? It would have been 1000x better. And free.

Good point. Maybe ask the admin if they could redo it for the 2027 celebration.