CFP is not expanding

Well I guess our AAC commissioner sided against playoff expansion. He loves the current 4 team setup. I’m sure he’s on UCF"s bad list now.

The Commissioners and Presidents surely only includes P5 representatives, why include people in a vote that are excluded from participation in the event they would be voting on.

Good for them I hope the ratings are down because the ESPN invitation is not worth my time tonight. They really need 8 to 12 teams.


Just another reason to not watch tonight.


P5 schools have decided that they would rather take $40m per year if G5 gets next to nothing versus $100m per year if the G5’s get $60.

Put another way they (the blue bloods especially) are more concerned with the difference in dollars between them and the competition over absolute dollars. Furthermore, expansion of CF invitational allows more schools a potential invite which only serves to hurt their recruiting.


I assume they just generally agreed not to discuss it and no one put up a fight. I assume there was no actual “vote” or proposal to do anything different. Very likely, those that carry the most weight made it known that any changes were a non-starter.

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It’s very interesting to know that all FBS conference commissioners and a college president representing each conference agreed to the current format. If any changes are made, it will be decided between these members.

The P5 conferences are playing musical chairs with a 4-team playoff. At some point everyone is going to want at least one chair.

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Once again, an expanded playoff will only happen when the structure doesn’t affect the p5 to g5 ratio. And they won’t even be secretive about it. It will be expanded under the guise that not enough p5 teams have access.

You won’t break the p5 stranglehold on money or TV without the threat of politics or the law.

You see, the p5 does not see things as unfair and will not act to correct something that doesn’t exist in their eyes.

Time for a lawsuit against the P5 monopoly!!!


I don’t see a lawsuit happening especially when all G5 conferences and presidents support the current playoff system.

Yes all G5 presidents support it. The conference commissioners do what ever the presidents say. In this case, the presidents say do nothing.

They were told: “Here is what you are going to say or…lose your health benefits…”

Is Khator in these meetings? I know she’s the head of something in the AAC.

“Much too soon to know if that is even a possibility.”

Is that English? You are the ones who make it possible. They sound like they’re talking about life on Mars.

We gotta get into a P5 then. The future of UH athletics is dependent on it.

Everybody from fans to the BoR knows that this is the goal behind all the investments we are making.


Any expansion would have a way to avoid adding a G5 team to it. These people aren’t stupid they know exactly what they’re doing. They do think everyone else is stupid and that we’ll all buy their BS. Everyone knows what a real playoff looks like, it’s one of the few things the NFL does right.


They should just go ahead and make it a 5 team playoff and give Alabama a two game bye :confused:

"The Board of Managers, comprised of university presidents and chancellors representing the ten Football Bowl Subdivision conferences and University of Notre Dame, governs the College Football Playoff business, property and affairs. "

The AAC was represented…I’d like to know who exactly was the AAC rep, why they agreed that expansion wasn’t needed, and why they are still employed by the AAC?


Had it been an 8 team playoff this year (with 5 conference champs, 1 G5 rep and 2 at large) here’s what we would have got:

  1. Bama (SEC Champ) (beat OU in playoff, playing for CFP Champ tonight)
  2. Clemson (ACC Champ) (beat Notre Dame in playoff, playing for CFP Champ tonight)
  3. Notre Dame (at large #1) (lost to Clemson in playoff)
  4. OU (B12 Champ) (lost to Bama in playoff)
  5. Georgia (at large #2) (Lost to UT in Sugar Bowl)
  6. Ohio State (B1G Champ) (Beat Wash in Rose Bowl)
  7. UCF (G5 Rep) (Lost to LSU in Peach Bowl)
  8. Washington (PAC Champ) (Lost to OSU in Rose Bowl)

I gotta say. Looking at this year in a container, no need to expand the playoff invitational. But if I look back over past years, there’s an argument.

If Health Benefits or Family matters for that person was the matter…that could be the reason for theatre vote. Getting threatened make some strong people weak…

According to the College Football Playoff Governance link above, the AAC reps are:

It was a unanimous vote to keep the playoff as is until 2027.