CFP is not expanding

The G5 commissioners and presidents aren’t stupid. They know the current deal wont get any better and rocking the boat can screw things up. I know a lot on here want them to demand a bunch of stuff, but they have no leverage. As soon as they start demanding, you will see an FBS I and FBS level II. No G5 will even get in a NY6 bowl. How much would a G5 playoff be worth? How much does the FCS get?


Perhaps we should beat the P5s to the punch and have a select group of large city schools create their own league with their own player payment rules. Keep it under the radar until signing day and steal all the top talent for that year with very lucrative pay. It’s a pipe dream I know…


Well looks like we are going to have to wait for conference expansion, if that happens. :neutral_face:

Yep. You’d think they would at least wait until the ratings for tonight’s game come out. I think it will be the worst ever.

CFP is most likely to expand as part of the next tv negotiations. If a broadcast player (which the landscape could be very different by then) wants it and is willing to pay for it.

Well yes it will probably expand starting with the 2027 season but for the next 7 years it will be a 4 team playoff.

I don’t think an expanded playoff helps the g5 as a whole. Most g5 programs don’t do well in OOC games with p5 as is.

The cold truth is there are only about 7 g5 programs that could even build a program strong enough to win a NC. Probably less.

The more important dynamic is the TV money disparity. You could expand it to 12 teams and the p5 ESPN syndicate would still ensure the same teams get richer and the same teams gets redder. And it’s propped up by an almost mechanized repetition of rhetoric.

Nice work!

cfp to g5’s:

cfp to the g5’s figure heads:

cfp to the advertisers:


How long can this scam go on? As long as you watch.


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Don’t drink the Kool-aid!!!

If a team like a UCF catches lighting in a bottle like they did 2 years ago,
everyone said no, no, no to the playoffs, Auburn will kill them.
Why not open the playoffs so if a random team is hot, and on a 20 game
win streak, put them in a see what they can do. If they get blown out,
well it is not any different then Oklahoma against Bama or ND against
Clemson. But with our own commissioner saying 4 teams is fine, we have to
start with our own conference.

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Are we going to act surprised when all this becomes reality and we don’t make the cut? That light at the end of tunnel is not sunshine.

What a pity for the AAC to agree on this vote. There has to be more to the story than just a unanimous vote.

Yes there is more to it but they won’t tell us what it is. polled all 10 FBS commissioners and Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick, and the only two who were willing to favor some form of expansion at this point are Mike Aresco of the American Athletic Conference and Sun Belt commissioner Karl Benson, who will retire following the expiration of his contract in June. Aresco said a system that gives more weight to conference championship games would increase interest nationally, while Benson said he would vote for a performance-based, eight-team model that would give an undefeated Group of 5 team a legitimate chance.

Expansion of playoffs will not benefit g5…just wait and see.

Meh. If it’s obvious that it can’t pass there’s nothing wrong with a gentleman’s agreement to call it unanimous.