Chambers transferring

Berman posted on twitter he is placing his name in the transfer portal.

Figured he would transfer. His playing time was sparse. Not sure why since he showed a lot of promise and often looked much better than the guys playing in front of him. Thankfully the Alabama transfer is waiting in the wings to take over the DE position.


I wish him well but thought he was a disappointment. I know he had some injuries but never quite lived up to expectations. He’s replaceable.

He will have to go to the FCS level if I’m not mistaken. He already lost a redshirt year.

Edit: Apparently he graduates in the spring.

Man thats too bad, if he plays in all 12 games thats 8.5-9 sacks walking out the door

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I guess he was in the doghouse because the guy could play without a doubt.


Yeah, Dana even got mad at Berman bringing him in press conferences.

It was Duarte who kept always asking about Chambers n CDH snapped back at him and said you sure ask about him a lot. Berman at one point may have also but he really snapped at JD that particular post game media conference.

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His lack of playing time was one of the most inexplicable personnel choices in a long list of bad personnel choices this season.


Game against Tulsa he got 2.5 or 3 sacks so Duarte brings him up again in post gm press conf :flushed:. Love it!! :grin:.

Edit: oh and this time Holgorsen was forced to talk about him…reluctantly. Obvious something wasn’t right btw the two of them…it happens.


I do not get a whole lot of the coaching decisions. I know CDH is a bit abrasive but it can’t help to have a terse relationship with the local media.

Chambers showed flashes. I saw he will transfer after graduating. He will always be a Cougar. Good luck to him.


Changers and Lark were two players at the top of the list for criticism of CDH on this season. They got into the dog house and never really left, when presumably they would’ve helped some depleted areas. The criticism being not putting the best players out there, sometimes it was warranted but Lark kind of proceed coach right on that route quit on the last game.


This was the most baffling thing all season. I wondered where he was during most of the Oklahoma game. I don’t blame him for leaving. He looked good on the field when he was actually able to get into a game. Obviously there was some personal/personality conflict. Good luck to him. He will be a stud if he gets to play somewhere.


Yeah, CDH kept saying Chambers wasn’t a starter.

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CDH was wrong.


He was good at rushing the QB, not sure i saw him make a run stop.


I see your chambers and raise you a Lark.


Yet somehow his own son was a starting qb.

Lil’ Holgo was starting over giving Bryson a chance too.


He was a third stringer who got one start.
Did Bryson get hurt? That wildcat we run was disappointing, should have given him the entire playbook.