Charlie Pallilo Pushing Coogs Basketball Hard!

Charlie talking up Coogs records and renovated arena. No excuse to not have place full or nearly full every game. Winning streak! Better that they’ve been in decades. Great deal price wise. Exciting electric atmosphere. Interested to see how full on Sunday against the St Louis Belkins.
He’s challenging Coog fans to call in.


What station is he on?

94.1 sports map. You can listen live on their website. My experience with their radio reception isn’t too great.

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So St Louis changed their mascot to a wi-fi router?


Gotta keep up with changing times, you know?

I always thought that a Billikan was a cross between a billy goat and a pelican but their mascot looks more like a cross between a pixie and a smurf.

I’m sure in simpler times their mascot was a thing to be feared. But your description is spot on for today’s world.

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It kind of looks like an athletic Grinch.

Oh, but this is creeeeepy:

A devil Buddha?

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I saw him at the Oregon game, he was probably as impressed with the new stadium as everyone else. UH did an awesome job with it!


I think the city is getting behind our basketball team. For whatever reason our football team brings out a lot of negativity when we have success. But our basketball team doesn’t.

College basketball embraces the cinderella. College football does not.


When did he get this “sudden love” for the Coogs???!


Horns and Ags care more about Football so they hate it when UH football is good. We have traditionally been better than them in basketball, so what can they say…


It’s a Charm Doll…Demonic.

Wow, I never knew that. I googled it and read some of it’s history around the world and the US. I too always thought it was a type of goat. But it does look like the Billiken has aged like most of us and put on some weight, I remember it being a bit more chiseled and fierce.

I’ll always remember Charlie as being the guy that said before a 7pm basketball game that his show was being cut short so 10 people could listen to the UH pre game show. I feel like it’s not about the winning with these guys. It’s about when we are popular because of the winning and they want a piece of the action.


Depends on the age of the Aggies though. 50+ Aggies would joke about not having a basketball program in the 70s and 80s and openly enjoyed Phi Slama Jama.