China flips

Cuck Fhina

Well of course they didn’t sanction them… They just announced they were the best of friends. It also helps that the more sanctions the West piles on the more they get to turn Russia into a de facto economic client state because they will own them.

CCP is no friend to humanity. Never was never will be…

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I’m surprised some of you believe this. Fake news you know.


People are waking up and realizing those in power are not our friends regardless what government form, are not there for humanities interest they are their for their own

When the narrative aligns the source blinders go on…

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There are no friends in international politics, just mutal interests.

F China.

Keep in mind friends that they signed trade accords two/three weeks ago.
What do you think they were discussing inside the ccp/Beijing Olympics?
Do you think they talked about on how to better wax their skis?

Correct, they literally just declared themselves best friends. They weren’t going to turn around and join in on the sanctions, plus if I’m the Chinese this divestment from the West presents a golden opportunity to basically take over a major country’s economy and bend the state to your will. That is an opportunity that doesn’t come around to often.

I thought about it but at what long term cost(s)
I have written it many times our greatest enemy is the ccp.
By aiding putin and giving the money, means to kill innocent children, mothers, elders, human beings deserve one response. Expell every single Chinese foreign students.
Some of you on Coogfans do not know this but every foreign Chinese students has to pledge allegiance to the ccp.
Think about how many universities profit with so called “reciprocal research” program.
If there was a time to counter China this is the perfect opportunity.

I don’t believe that china “flipped”. They were never going to go against Russia on this and I still believe that this has all been coordinated and planned. Russia can get what they need from them. If Russia was really concerned about these sanctions, wouldn’t they stop invading Ukraine? I feel like all this opens up is Putin wanting revenge. He did say that if countries tried to get in his way, they were declaring war on him.

Flipped? They are the gruesome twosome of dictatorships in this world.

China asked Russia to delay invasion until after Olympics, Western intel shows - CNN

Hell, they knew about it and asked the Russians to wait until after the Olympics. They both should be pariah states.

China just sucks.

I agree, and this takes a major bite out of the sanctions as a weapon tool.

NATO members need to forget about the 2% GDP contribution target , and start thinking in the 4-5% range.

All countries that are doing business as usual with China need to step back and reasses their risks. Mexico and Brazil’s response has been pathetic to date.

Best outcome scenario is still an internal coup in Russia to end the nightmare.

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This has been President Trump point all along. Europe has set itself up for failure for decades. We extended NATO Eastward but at the same time European countries contributed very little. We created a European “balance of power” where the heart of it has been fundamentaly weak.

I will write again. Nixon welcomed the ccp into the “country club” Instead of paying their yearly and monthly dues they are playing for free and are stealing money from the cash register.

These Chinese foreign students have to be expelled at once along with the so called Chinese faculty members that are tied with Chinese companies giving “gifts” to American Universities. Our intellectual properties theft issue did not start yesterday. ccp’s Houston consulate closure two years ago is the best example to date. Why do you think the consulate personal was burning all kinds of items/sensitive information? The Houston Fire Department was even notified that something suspicious was going on.
The ccp needs us to further advance. The West has a choice to make.

There were new NATO countries added under Trump as well though; both were formerly part of Communist Yugoslavia.

Obviously he wasn’t completely opposed to NATO expansion.

I agree with Trump on the 2% bit.

Germany, for example, still doesn’t meat that threshold.

So why not add Finland, which does?

We have had bases in Germany and Italy pretty much since WWII. What both countries have done in the last 30 years speaks for utself.
Both are closely economically invested with the ccp. This is particularly true with Italy. The E.U. has been a huge failure and has greatly contributed to this. Adding Finland at this very moment will only add fuel to this war. We all know that if putin decides to go after Finland or Sweden this will indeed be ww3.
I do believe putin will be taken out in the near future.

I’d definitely add them.

As Putin has showed us with his invasion of Ukraine……NO non-NATO nation is safe as long as it shares a border with Russia.

[quote=“uhlaw97, post:15, topic:34766”
I agree with Trump on the 2% bit

Germany, for example, still doesn’t meat that threshold.
[/quote] in

They are increasing their budget by 112B USD which will be 2% of their GDP along with the already budgeted appropriations

It’s good to see that they are finally coming around.

For many years now, they had been down in the 1.4% range.

I think we are headed to a China Russia alliance. Not good for us at all.