Cincy firing Brannen

He has been a big drop off from his predecessor.

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Smart to uc?

Smart would juice that program. But he’ll never be a Cronin. Cincy is a proud program and they expect to win a lot in basketball…every year.

It’s a fake news/parody/comedy account.

The sad part is I don’t think Cincy is laughing.

From LSU board: for what its worth.

“Some players, for example, were annoyed or offended by Brannen’s rule that earrings, jewelry, hats, do-rags or other head coverings were not allowed to be worn during team meetings or meals, viewing the rule as tone-deaf and even insensitive. Players said they felt manipulated by irregular practice and daily schedules that were adjusted on the fly not because of COVID-19 protocols but rather Brannen’s preference to operate the schedule based on feel.”

Brannen is a good coach. Maybe he just needs to start over with more adaptable personnel.


I don’t claim to know but whenever i had practice for any sport i played, my coach never said we had to dress a certain way during team meetings. I also didn’t require it when I was coaching kids. I would require though to use team gear if i was him. Also irregular practice is vague and maybe he saw something on film that he or they would want to work on in practice.

To me doesn’t seem a good fit because cinci was a tought program with cronin and now they’re a shadow of their former selves. It would benefit them to keep him 2 more years but also if there’s a name on the market available they should jump on it. Because we all know the damage losing does to a program. Especially with a brand new stadium as nice as theirs.

i looked at his other posts a troll account

Reminds me of: “He treats us like men. He lets us wear earrings.”



I made sure this was legit :joy:


UC is done. Best portal season ever. And now they do this. Why would any guy with actual options go there now? They’ll find nothing that helps them fire Brannen for cause. And they don’t have the money for the buyout. Lame duck coach now.

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This! The whole thing reeks of bad apples taking advantage of portal rules this year.

Coaches talk just like kids do. You can bet your ### that future candidates would be calling Cronin and Brannen asking, wtf?

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uc fans are already lobbying for archie miller and bryce drew

Cincy needs somebody who is going to have them playing gritty and tough. That’s been the identity of the program over the years. Although I thought Brannen was a good hire at the time.

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That such a BS move by Cincinnati. Either have the guts to fire the man or let him coach.

rumor is they want to fire him but cant afford the buyout… they need to find something to fire him with “cause” to eliminate buyouy


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Meanwhile, ex-coach might pull off a huge upset and play for the natty.

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