Clayton Tune to Cardinals ! Good for him

How in the world did I forget about the guy I have on my avatar. Yah that would be four UH QBs in the league

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Arizona coming to town in November.

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LOL everybody saw people bashing on the guy lol now he is going to be a multi millionaire. He might actually start some games. Murray is out for most of the season.


I hope Tune can earn a regular roster spot right away, but the good thing is he could spend time on the practice squad, if necessary, while he learns his craft. He improved so much while at UH, and I hope he can continue to improve at the NFL level. One thing for certain, he will work hard and give it his best shot.


Even if he were to be cut in camp, starting life with $350K puts him ahead of the game.

But I think he will do well in the NFL. Murray’s contract just about guarantees he will start when healthy, but Clayton will have a good chance to start until he returns and could impress enough to become someone others would trade for.


On ESPN’s Get Up show, Dan Orlovsky rated the top 5 QBs on the hot seat. Kyler Murray was #5.

Stay ready Tune.