Clayton Tune

Where does he ranked as far as UH quarterbacks since the beginning of the new millennium goes…

I’ll say 4th:

1a. Greg Ward
1b. Case Keenum
3a. Kelvin Kolb
3b. Clayton Tune

Tune is not tied with kolb. Kolb was magical considering we were just a couple years separated from Nick Eddy. Nealy was amazing that previous year and when we got KK and Nealy left I was worried. If KK got dropped into our program these days it would he would do better than tune.

Keenum, king, kolb, tune (with an argument that King might be better, but we are all bitter about him even though he got off the Dana boat before I did).


Keenum, Ward, Kolb, Tune…

King had one great season… Not a great career.


Coincidentally, just throw Ware at the top of the list and you have the top QB list of all-time at UH…

This would be my vote.





So, this just a last 20 year list :sunglasses:

Yup… Forgot about Klingler… In my book it’s a toss up between him and Tune for all-time positioning…

He wasn’t in this millenia, either… :grin:

What do you think the word millennium means Progs? Smh

Keenum, Kolb, Ward, Tune

These guys were all great QBs and human beings, but Kolb was better than many of you are remembering. My opinion.


By the end of the season, I expect Tune to surpass Klingler in total yardage. He needs another 700 yards with 3 games to play, which is very attainable. My list…


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Not sure what your looking at. Tune has already passed Klinger. He will be firmly entrenched as third all time passing yards for UH.
Why does your list not unclude Ware, Klinger or Davis?

OP said since the millennium. That explains why Jason McKinley isn’t on the list.


Unfortunately, I referred to Wikipedia for the totals. The topic under discussion was to name the best QBs since the millennium, which started in 2001. Klingler played much earlier.

Got it. Hard to dispute that list for overall productivity.

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I’d rank them like this:

  1. Case Keenum
  2. Greg Ward
  3. Kevin Kolb
  4. Clayton Tune

To break into the top 3 the next QB will have to win championships. It’s a great standard to have and now it gets harder in the Big 12.

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We’re putting Kolb and Tune over a Heisman winning QB? Someone please explain.

NVM. Just reread the description. lol

  1. Keenum
  2. Ward
  3. Tune
  4. Kolb
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