Clearly, this is all Applewhite's fault/Jacksonville State HC Candidate

Not sure how but it just is his fault.


I haven’t been able to watch the game (just following along on the ESPN app) but I’m not sure how anyone can defend CDH after that half. I say this as someone who was extremely excited when he was hired.

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Didn’t you see how poorly Major managed the clock to end the half?

dana has never done things like that and would have had plenty of time outs to call to make sure there was time to get points

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Partly Herman’s fault as well.

Tom had the clocks that are not good clocks installed

Great…Person is back…


If we had new uniforms we score 3 on that drive.

If we had a football operations building we’d have scored 7.

It’s our collective fault.


Don’t forget about Herman!!


Please repeat again how good our defense is.

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We don’t need to discuss past coaches to analyze Holgorsen. This is year for3 for goodness sake’s. This is his team.


There’s a pattern with Holgerson. His teams rarely look prepared


No, this is Applewhite’s fault. Dana has done nothing wrong.


Major never recruited a kicker and moved the goal post

I was getting a migraine before the game and the PA was making it worse. I got up to leave as we were driving before the half and watched from the concourse.

This whole thing reminds me of Ulala. I think it was Briles’ worst coached game.

How do you coach and prepare a team so poorly?

How DARE you blame CDH. He’s PROVED he’s a good coach by beating Rice and Grambling! Look at how good he was with Keenum! Us peons aren’t capable of evaluating his performance, we’re not there in practice to see how poor our athletes are. It’s not Dana’s fault, he can’t MAKE them execute. He might even beat Navy. That’s a national brand! Get the man a contract extension already, we don’t want an SEC team to steal him away from us.


Someone from the SEC is interested? Oh pray, dear lord, made it happen.

Marcus Jones wouldn’t be returning punts for TD’s.

Dana sucks as a coach time to move on.

'Major Applewhite is exploring the job, sources tell FootballScoop."

Can’t believe no one has blamed the palm trees!!???!!!